How To Get Shooting Badges In NBA 2k22

Here is a guide on getting Shooting Badges in NBA 2k22.

Badges in NBA 2k22 are unlocked by getting their respective badge points and these points are earned by your in-game performance. The more you defend, steal the ball or rebound the more you will earn in the Defence/Rebound points, and similarly, you will earn more Playmaking points by assisting converted shots. In this guide, I will show you how you can get Shooting Badges in NBA 2k22.

How to get Shooting Badges in NBA 2k22

shooting badges

As the name implies, Shooting Badges are earned by taking shots and converting them into points. The more you shoot, the more you will earn. It is possible to earn a badge or two in one game if you follow these simple steps.
First off, in your Settings, you will have to change to Game Difficulty to Pro and Quarter Length to 6 minutes. This will let you earn a good amount of points in lesser time. You can choose higher difficulty and longer quarters but then again, the more games you play the more points you will earn. I also recommend turning off your Jump Boost meter, it will make it easier to shoot. The next step is to make a Shooting Build.

What Badges should I run?

The 4 Badges you should go with are HOT ZONE HUNTER, LIMITLESS SPOT-UP, SNIPER, and CHEF. Running these badges is the best way to get more badges and shooting more shots. Having them Hall Of Fame (HOF) level would be ideal but have them at least Gold level.

What’s the Strat in getting Shooting Badges in NBA 2k22?

The strat is pretty simple, you will have to hit a Green and Fast Jumpshot. To pull it off you will do a few things. First, you will have to hover around the 3 pointer line and perform the same steps as I have explained in my How to get Badges in NBA 2k22 article. The premise here is you will have to time the shot as the defender is falling back. When you call for a Screen and the Defender falls back because of it is you will have a window where you will have to take the shot. That shot will be a Green shot. And with that, you will earn a ton of points. By doing this trick you will earn enough points in one game that you will get at least one badge.

This was all about getting Shooting Badges in NBA 2k22. Hopefully, this guide has helped in getting all of the badges you desire. You can also check out our guides on Endorsements and Best Playmaking Badges in NBA 2k22.