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All Lake Shiverwave Mokoko Seeds Locations In Lost Ark

Check out our guide on all the locations of Mokoko Seeds at Lake Shiverwave in Lost Ark.

While there are many important locations in the Rohendel continent, Lake Shiverwave has been the port from ancient times in Lost Ark. Exploring different regions in a continent requires collecting several items and currencies. But can you find all the Mokoko seeds? Not to worry, here’s our guide on all the locations of the Mokoko seeds at Lake Shiverwave in Lost Ark.


All Lake Shiverwave Mokoko Seeds Location at Lost Ark

While you begin with collecting all the Mokoko seeds, there might be some requisites to collect them. For collecting some of the Mokoko seeds, you need Honey Butter Beer and Song of Eternity unlocked. With the help of papunika.com, we have a map indicating all the locations of Mokoko seeds.

mokoko location lake shiverwave lost ark
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Mentioned below are all the locations to find them:

Bambiri Settlement

  • As you reach the Rohendel, head to the southeast of the Bambiri settlement. You will find the Mokoko seeds in a bedroom surrounded by idle NPCs.
  • You can also find another Mokoko seed to the extreme southwest of the Bambiri settlement. As you reach the location, you will find several fairies and humans sitting in a circle. You will also see a giant treasure chest. You need to play the Song of Eternity to reveal the location of Mokoko seeds. Upon playing the song of Eternity, the chest will disappear and drop the Mokoko seeds.


Lake Market

  • Head north of the Lake Market region inside a building with several NPCs. You will find a door to the center of the building. But the door might be locked if your Charisma virtues are below 250.
  • For the next Mokoko seed, head to the southwest of the Lake Market. You will notice vines leading downwards near the staircases. As you slide down the vines, you will find the Mokoko seeds hidden inside the trunk of a tree.

Destroyed Sylvian Settlement


  • Traverse to the portal of the Destroyed Sylvian settlement in the northeast direction. You can drink Honey Butterbeer to get the hidden Mokoko seeds. Alternatively, you can also play the Song of Eternity. But to unlock it, you need to complete 60% of Adventurer’s Tome of Rohendel continent.
  • Head over to the southeast of the Destroyed Sylvian settlement. When you reach there, you will notice ruins surrounded by destroyed stones and structures. You will find the Mokoko seeds hidden behind a block of stone.

Sylvian Residence

  • You will find the next Mokoko seeds in the southeasternmost region of Sylvian Residence. As you reach the location you will encounter a blue-colored glowing portal. Upon entering the portal, you will be teleported to the Aven’s House Entrance. You will see several Escaped chests popping over different locations.
  • Play the song of Eternity when you see a giant treasure chest. As the treasure chest disappears, don’t forget to pick up the Mokoko seeds.

Rothun Hill

  • For the next Mokoko seed, you need to head down to the Rothun Hill. The seeds are located northeast of Rothun Hill. The Mokoko seeds are covered by a Red Leaf Tree. You can circle the location to find and collect them.
  • Now, head towards the extreme northeast of the Rothun Hill. As you reach there, you will see a giant blue crystal on the edge of a wooden platform. You will see the glowing Mokoko seeds from a distance on the other island. But if you don’t have 250 courage you will be unable to cross the distance.

Last Mokoko Seed

  • You can find the last Mokoko Seeds in the southwestern region of Lake Shiverwave. When you find a giant chest over the cliff, play the song of Eternity for the chest to vanish. Then, collect the Mokoko seeds.

That’s everything on all the locations of Mokoko Seeds at the Lake Shiverwave in Lost Ark. If you liked this guide, make sure to check out our other guides on how to unlock all the songs, how to use Bifrost, and how to unlock ships in Lost Ark right here on Gamer Tweak.