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How To Easily Use Roblox Shirt Template

Do you want to create your own shirt design in Roblox? Check here to know how to use the Shirt template.

Roblox Shirt Template helps you to create and upload your own designs to the game so that you can bring out your own personality and not have to conform to the regular designs that the game has to offer. Designing a t-shirt template will also help you to understand game designs and how the final design will look. Here’s everything that you need to know about.

How To Use Roblox Shirt Template


To use Roblox Shirt Template, you will need a Roblox Builders Club membership. If you have this, only then will you be able to create custom shirts and pants. This condition isn’t applicable for T-shirts anyone who’s playing Roblox can design and upload one at any moment.

How To Use Roblox Shirt Template

Once you have the Roblox Builders Club membership, go to developer.roblox.com and check out the template for the shirts. This will help you to know how to create it and give you the perfect dimensions that you’ll be using. You can check out the images on the site and save them on your PC as reference materials.


Keep in mind that you will need to keep in mind the folding lines and will need to have the designs of your shirt inside those lines. The designs fold up too, so you will need to ensure that whatever you’re designing lines up perfectly within it.

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Check below to know the shape, size, and clothing parts dimensions:


Shape: Large Square
Size: 128 × 128 pixels
Clothing Parts: Front and back of torso

Shape: Tall rectangle
Size: 64 × 128 pixels
Clothing Parts: Sides of torso (R, L), Sides of arms/legs (L, B, R, F)

Shape: Wide rectangle
Size: 128 × 64 pixels
Clothing Parts: Top and bottom of torso

Shape: Small square
Size: 64 × 64 pixels
Clothing Parts: Top and bottom of arms/legs (U, D)


All you have to do is open up the image in any image editor that you have, once you’re done designing upload it to Roblox and after verifying your designs you will be able to use them in the game.

This is all there is to know about how to use Roblox Shirt Template, while you’re here make sure to check out