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Ship Wheel Flying Disc In Adopt Me: Worth, Value, Uses & Rarity

With the recent Summer Fest 2023, a wide range of new limited pets, items, toys, and other accessories have been added to Adopt Me. Ship Wheel Flying Disc is one of the toys introduced in the time-limited event. As the event will last only for 4 weeks, you might not want to miss out on this event-limited for your pets. But how to get the Ship Wheel toy in this Roblox game? What’s the rarity type and uses for this toy? Check out our guide to find out what is Ship Wheel Flying Disc worth in Adopt Me.

What is Ship Wheel Flying Disc Worth in Adopt Me?

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Being launched recently with the Summer Festival 2023 event, the Ship Wheel Flying Disc is worth 2,250 Beach Balls. As it is a time-limited event, you can earn Beach Balls by playing mini-games. Although three games are planned for the Summerfest, there is only one minigame for the first week.

Currently, you can play Scooting Stars mini-game to earn Beach Balls. Found at the Adoption Island, this game revolves around riding a Water scooty while hitting Spinning Stars. Once you have hit enough stars, you will earn Beach Balls as a reward. So, focus on targeting these spinning stars to get more event currency.

Coming to the Ship Wheel, the toy flaunts a brown steering wheel with the inside colored cyan. But aside from its appearance, what are its rarity type and trading value?

Current Rarity & Value

The Ship Wheel Flying Disc is a Rare type of Toy introduced in the Summer Fest 2023. Due to the ongoing event, this toy’s popularity and current value are increasingly high as compared to other Toys. So, we suggest using this as an advantage to trade Toys with higher rarities. If you have enough Beach Balls, we recommend stacking these toys for better trade.

How to Get & Use Ship Wheel Flying Disc

You can get Ship Wheel Flying Disc from the Summer Shop during the Summer Fest 2023 event. As mentioned earlier, you can buy Ship Wheel Flying Disc for 2,250 Beach Balls. But for those that don’t have enough Beach Balls, you can also get this toy by Trading among Roblox players.

Like other discs, you can use Ship Wheel Flying Disc in Adopt Me for playing fetch with your equipped pets. Soon as you throw the Ship wheel to your equipped pets, they will fetch and bring it back to you.

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