Adopt Me: How To Get Beach Balls (Summerfest Update)

With the launch of the Summer Fest 2023 update, a new event currency has been added to Adopt Me! Known as a Beach Ball, you can buy all the event and time-gated items with this currency. The first week of the event showcased four exclusive Adopt Me pets, toys, and various accessories. But since the summer-themed event has only started, many players are confused about getting this currency. Don’t worry, check out our guide on how to get Beach Balls in Adopt Me.

How to Get Beach Balls in Adopt Me

how to get beach balls in adopt me

You can get Beach Balls in Adopt Me by playing the mini-games during the Summer Festival 2023. As this update event will last four weeks, you can grind on rotating games to earn Beach Balls. Currently, for the first week of the Summer Fest, you can take on Scooting Stars mini-game for earning Beach Balls. You can find this game located at Adoption Island.

The Scooting Stars revolves around riding a Water scooty to target Spinning stars in your way. While riding this Jet Ski vehicle, you need to collect Spinning stars to get Beach Balls. Once you have collected enough stars, you will earn Beach Balls as a reward. So, the more stars you collect, the more of this Summerfest currency you earn.

In addition to the Scooting Stars game, Adopt Me has also teased a second mini-game on their official Twitter handle. According to the tweet, the second game may revolve around working in an Ice cream shop or kiosk. So, stay tuned for the upcoming games in Summerfest 2023.

We will update this guide with more ways to get Beach Balls when new mini-games are introduced. Until then, scroll down to know where to spend this event currency in the Roblox game.

How to Use Beach Balls

You can spend and use Beach Balls in Adopt Me to buy time-limited items from the Summer Shop. These items include limited pets, toys, vehicles, and other accessories. So, let’s break down every pet and all the items that can be bought with Beach Balls:


  • Shark Puppy: 100,000 Beach Balls
  • Many Mackerel: 60,000 Beach Balls
  • Flying Fish: 3,750 Beach Balls


  • Beach Buggy: 50,000 Beach Balls
  • Water Scooter: 15,000 Beach Balls


  • Ukulele: 10,000 Beach Balls
  • Pineapple Plush: 7,500 Beach Balls
  • Pinwheel Propeller: 5,000 Beach Balls
  • Ship Wheel Flying Disc: 2,250 Beach Balls
  • Sandcastle Rattle: 750 Beach Balls
  • Lemonade Chew Toy: 500 Beach Balls
  • Flipflop Throw Toy: 300 Beach Balls

Accessories (Pet Wear)

  • Shark Swimcap: 4,000 Beach Balls
  • Duck Floatie: 3,750 Beach Balls
  • Summer Straw Hat: 2,000 Beach Balls
  • Diving Fins: 1,500 Beach Balls
  • Flowery Sunhat: 850 Beach Balls
  • Drinks Cooler: 600 Beach Balls
  • Beach Umbrella: 500 Beach Balls
  • Lei: 400 Beach Balls
  • Star Sunglasses: 450 Beach Balls

Since the Summer Fest will be a time-gated event, there is no point in saving Beach Balls. So, we suggest buying all the limited items before the event runs out. If you want to know more about the event, here’s everything to know about Summerfest 2023.

That’s all about how to get Beach Balls in Adopt Me. If you liked this guide, check out our guides to find out the Shark Puppy, all the Danger Egg Pets, and more Adopt Me Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.