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Shiny Sandwich Recipes: How To Make Sparkling Power Sandwiches In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

This guide features the best Shiny Sandwich Recipes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Using Sandwich recipes to make Sparkling Power Sandwiches will increase your chances of encountering Shiny Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet. The end goal of these titles is to complete the Pokedex. However, veteran trainers are always on the lookout for Shiny Pokemon. The introduction of the Picnic and Sandwich mechanic makes it easier to find these rare variants. Using specific Meal Powers, you can make your Shiny Hunting experience much more fruitful.

How to Make Sparkling Power Sandwiches to Find Shiny Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet

Use creative mode to make Shiny Sandwich recipe with Herba Mystica

Your chances of encountering Shiny Pokemon are the highest when you consume Sandwiches with Sparkling and Encounter level 3 Meal Powers. To get these meal powers, you will need various Herba Mystica as ingredients. You can get them by participating in 5-Star and 6-Star Tera Raids.

Once you collect enough, you can set up a Picnic and start the preparation. However, these are not preset recipes you can buy in the game. To make these Sparkling Power Shiny Sandwiches, you will need to open the Creative Mode to create custom recipes by pressing the X Button in the Sandwich Menu. Then, like other sandwiches, you can choose ingredients and stack them on the bread to make it. Note that, if the ingredients fall off the bread, then the Meal Power will not work as you want. So you should use recipes with minimum ingredients.

Shiny Sandwich Recipes with Minimum Ingredients

These recipes have the least ingredients required to get Sparkling Power Level 3 and Encounter Power Level 3. Use them according to which type of Pokemon you want to catch.

Type  Ingredients Herba Mystica
Normal Tofu Salty & Sour
Fighting Pickle 2x Salty
Flying Prosciutto 2x Salty
Poison Green Bell Pepper Salty & Spicy
Ground Ham 2x Salty
Rock Bacon Salty & Sour
Bug Cherry Tomatoes 2x Salty
Ghost Red Onion 2x Salty
Steel Hamburger Salty & Sweet
Fire Red Bell Pepper Salty & Spicy
Water Cucumber 2x Salty
Grass Lettuce Salty & Sour
Electric Yellow Bell Pepper Salty & Spicy
Psychic Onion 2x Salty
Ice Klawf Stick 2x Salty
Dragon Avocado 2x Salty
Dark Smoked Fillet Salty & Sweet
Fairy Tomato 2x Salty

Shiny Sandwich Recipes with Any Herba Mystica

Higher-tier raids are difficult to beat and you get specific types of Herba Mystica for each. So there can be a possibility that you don’t have the ones required for a particular type. To tackle this problem you can make use of the following table. Just use any 2 Herba Mystica with the mentioned ingredients. The exceptions column will give you Catching Power instead of Encounter Power, so avoid that if you are hunting.

Type  Ingredients Exceptions
Normal Cucumber, Pickle, 3x Tofu Sweet + Sour, Sweet + Sweet, Sour + Sour
Fighting Cucumber, 4x Pickle Sweet + Sour, Sweet + Sweet
Flying Cucumber, Pickle, 3x Prosciutto Sweet + Sour
Poison Cucumber, Pickle, 3x Green Bell Pepper Sweet + Sour
Ground Cucumber, Pickle, 3x Ham Sweet + Sour
Rock Cucumber, Pickle, 3x Bacon Sweet + Sour
Bug Cucumber, Pickle, 3x Cherry Tomatoes Sweet + Sour, Sweet + Sweet, Sour + Sour
Ghost Cucumber, Pickle, 3x Red Onion Sweet + Sour, Sour + Sour
Steel Cucumber, Pickle, 3x Hamburger Sweet + Sour
Fire Cucumber, Pickle, 3x Red Bell Pepper Sweet + Sour
Water 4x Cucumber, Pickle Sweet + Sour, Sweet + Sweet
Grass Cucumber, Pickle, 3x Lettuce Sweet + Sour
Electric Cucumber, Pickle, 3x Yellow Bell Pepper Sweet + Sour
Psychic Cucumber, Pickle, 3x Onion Sweet + Sour
Ice Cucumber, Pickle, 3x Klawf Stick Sweet + Sour, Sour + Sour
Dragon Cucumber, Pickle, 3x Avocado Sweet + Sour, Sweet + Sweet, Sour + Sour
Dark Cucumber, Pickle, 3x Smoked Fillet Sweet + Sour
Fairy Cucumber, Pickle, 3x Tomato Sweet + Sour, Sweet + Sweet, Sour + Sour

We hope this article on Shiny Sandwich Recipes to get Sparkling Power Sandwiches helped you to catch Shinies in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. For more helpful guides like How to Farm Herba Mystica, visit our SV section soon.