How To Easily Find Shield Cache Locations In Marvel’s Avengers

Shield Caches in Marvel's Avengers can be found in Threat Sector missions. Listen to Jarvis to find Shield Caches in Marvel's Avengers

Shield caches in Marvel’s Avengers are points of interest that you will find on several maps in the game. You will only know its location if Jarvis notifies of it. Though through our guide you can know where to find them easily, so it is best if you just read this guide and find them in minutes.

Where To Find Shield Cache Locations In Marvel’s Avengers

Shield Caches in Marvel’s Avengers are scattered in obscure locations that you will probably struggle to find on your own, they’re unlocked by interacting with a hidden switch, and even finding these switches can be a bit daunting task.

A Vault Chain quest requires you to loot shield caches and you will usually find some of the best loots in these caches, so gear up and assemble as we’ve noted down the locations where you can find these shield caches.

Shield caches in Marvel’s Avengers are usually found in the Threat Sector missions, the multiplayer part of the game. When you’re in close proximity of one, Jarvis will let you know that nearby you can find a shield cache.

As of right now, we’ve discovered three such locations where you can find the Shield caches in the game.

Stark Realities Shield Cache

It makes sense that Tony Stark would have a few shield caches stashed aside, and you can find on in Start Realities. When you start the mission, you should head left and then continue on that path where you will find a river bed.

Keep following this and it will take a sharp left, this is your cue to leave the canyon and look for a box with purple light glowing on it beside a tree.

Move ahead and further up you will find a single tree, you will find the switch for the shield cache at the bottom of the tree, interact with it and you’ll get the shield cache.

Our Town Shield Cache

Once again, you’re required to take a sharp left as soon as you start this mission and look for a cave with police cars waiting outside. Inside you will find that a radar signal is emitting from the other side, here you will find the switch.

Interact with the switch and you will get the second shield cache here.

Day of the Remains Shield Cache

We saved the best one for last as this location will give you two shield caches, take a left, and keep moving in this direction. Once Jarvis alerts you of the shield cache, look around for the switch, it’s not that difficult to figure out and you will easily find the two shield caches here.

We will keep updating this list as and when we find more shield caches in the game.

These are all the locations of the shield caches in Marvel’s Avengers, while you’re here you should definitely check out how to unlock Thor in Marvel’s Avengers.