7DS Tier List 2024 February – Best Characters

Check out our Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross tier list to find out all the heroes ranked from S+ tier to F tier.

This 7DS Tier List will help you find out the best characters in Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross. Know which characters are the strongest and who are below average and weak. Note that this tier list is subjective and may differ from your opinion, but if you are a new player, this 7DS Tier List will come in handy.

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross is a strategic and turn-based role-playing adventure mobile game by Netmarble. As the name suggests, it is inspired by the iconic manga and anime of the same name. And having said that, it also features many characters or heroes. But being a strategic RPG, you must pick suitable heroes based on their skills. So, here’s our Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross tier list of best characters to know all the heroes ranked from best tier to lowest tier.

7DS Tier List 2024

seven deadly sins giant cross tier list best heroes ranked

We have compiled a list of all the characters and placed them in different tiers for the Global servers. While some of the heroes can be used for main combat, some can be used as different subs. With the plethora of other characters, we have compiled the tier list into seven different tiers. The best-skilled heroes are placed on the highest tiers, S+ and S tier. On the other hand, the heroes that can be discarded and have little to no uses are placed on the F tier.

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Tier List

Tiers 7DS Best Characters
S+ Tier Dark Traitor Meliodas
S+ Tier Red Tarmiel
S+ Tier Red Purgatory Ban
S+ Tier Red Festival Diane
S+ Tier New Wings King (Sweet Jelly)
S Tier Blue Christmas Lillia
S Tier Blue Fairy King Harlequin
S Tier Blue Festival Berserk Estarossa
S Tier Blue Festival Ludociel
S Tier Blue Naofumi
S Tier Blue Raphtalia
S Tier Blue Summer Merlin
S Tier Blue the one Escanor
S Tier Green Brunhild
S Tier Green demon Lord Rimuru
S Tier Green Echidna
S Tier Green Festival Gowther
S Tier Green Festival Zeldris
S Tier Green Filo
S Tier Green Ram
S Tier Light Eternal Elizabeth
S Tier Red Freyr
S Tier Red Gowther
S Tier Red Reinhard
S Tier Red Terry
S Tier Mono of Blood and Iron (Full Moon’s Shadow)
S Tier Terry Bogard
A Tier New Wings King (Sweet Jelly)
A Tier Red Thonar
A Tier Red Skadi
A Tier Red Sigurd
A Tier Red Sariel
A Tier Red Kyo
A Tier Red Halloween Matrona
A Tier Red Excalibur Arthur
A Tier Green Shin
A Tier Green Sariel
A Tier Green New King Arthur
A Tier Green Jormungand
A Tier Green Halloween Gowther
A Tier Green Festival Merlin
A Tier Blue Tarmiel
A Tier Blue Milim
A Tier Blue Megellda
A Tier Blue Ludociel
A Tier Blue Festival Cusack
A Tier Blue Emilia
B Tier Red Summer Diane
B Tier Red Shin
B Tier Red Rem
B Tier Red Kizuna
B Tier Red Escanor
B Tier Red Derieri
B Tier Red Arthur
B Tier Green Zaratras
B Tier Green Liz
B Tier Green Last Philosopher Merlinicon
B Tier Green Escanor
B Tier Green Derieri
B Tier Green Awakened Mono
B Tier Blue Ominous Nebula Zeldris
B Tier Blue New Wings King
B Tier Blue Golden Wings Elaine
B Tier Blue Chandler
C Tier Red Twigo
C Tier Red Summer Hawk & Elizabeth
C Tier Red Slater
C Tier Red Ragnarok Ban
C Tier Red Oslo & Hawk
C Tier Red Merlin
C Tier Red Lostvayne Meliodas
C Tier Red King
C Tier Red Jericho
C Tier Red Halloween Slater
C Tier Red Ellatte
C Tier Red Elizabeth
C Tier Red Elizabeth
C Tier Red Elaine
C Tier Red Eastin
C Tier Red Demon Meliodas
C Tier Red Brunhild
C Tier Red Benimaru
C Tier Red Awakened Eastin
C Tier Green Zaneri
C Tier Green Valentine Melascula
C Tier Green Valenti
C Tier Green Thonar
C Tier Green Shuna
C Tier Green Roxy
C Tier Green Ragnarok Diane
C Tier Green Mono
C Tier Green MK-II Valenti
C Tier Green Merlin
C Tier Green Lillia
C Tier Green Jericho
C Tier Green Helbram
C Tier Green Gilthunder
C Tier Green Estarossa
C Tier Green Deathpierce
C Tier Green Chandler
C Tier Green Cain
C Tier Green Athena
C Tier Green Assault mode Meliodas
C Tier Green Alioni
C Tier Blue Slater
C Tier Blue Nanashi
C Tier Blue Lostvayne Meliodas
C Tier Blue Lilia
C Tier Blue Jericho
C Tier Blue Jenna
C Tier Blue Guardian Jericho
C Tier Blue Gowther
C Tier Blue Goddess Elizabeth
C Tier Blue Gilthunder
C Tier Blue Ellatte
C Tier Blue Eastin
C Tier Blue Arthur
D Tier Red Zeldris
D Tier Red Wedding Diane
D Tier Red Melascula
D Tier Red Lillia
D Tier Red Jim
D Tier Red Hawk & Elizabeth
D Tier Red Griamore
D Tier Red Galland
D Tier Green Rugal
D Tier Green Princess Elizabeth
D Tier Green Monspeet
D Tier Green King
D Tier Green Jillian
D Tier Green Hawk
D Tier Green Halloween Eastin
D Tier Green Giant Diane
D Tier Green Eastin
D Tier Green Drole
D Tier Green Diane
D Tier Green Demon Hendrickson
D Tier Blue Valenti
D Tier Blue Summer Roxy
D Tier Blue Princess Elizabeth
D Tier Blue Nunchuck Ban
D Tier Blue Mono
D Tier Blue Marmas
D Tier Blue Mai
D Tier Blue King
D Tier Blue Hawk & Elizabeth
D Tier Blue Galland
D Tier Blue Fraudrin
D Tier Blue Eren
D Tier Blue Eleven
D Tier Blue Elaine
D Tier Blue Drole
D Tier Blue Derieri
D Tier Blue Demon Meliodas
D Tier Blue Beatrice
D Tier Blue Ban
F Tier Blue Arden
F Tier Blue Arthur
F Tier Blue Bellion
F Tier Blue Cardinal Helbram
F Tier Blue Champion Meliodas
F Tier Blue Diane
F Tier Blue Frieesia
F Tier Blue Giant Diane
F Tier Blue Golgius
F Tier Blue Griamore
F Tier Blue Guardian Gilthunder
F Tier Blue Helbram
F Tier Blue Hendrickson
F Tier Blue Holy Knight Howzer
F Tier Blue Howzer
F Tier Blue Jericho
F Tier Blue Matrona
F Tier Blue Melascula
F Tier Blue Meliodas
F Tier Blue Merlin
F Tier Blue Mikasa
F Tier Blue Old Fart King
F Tier Blue Oslo & Hawk
F Tier Blue Rimuru
F Tier Blue Waillo
F Tier Blue Weinheidt
F Tier Blue Zeldris
F Tier Green Ban
F Tier Green Demon Meliodas
F Tier Green Dreyfus
F Tier Green Elaine
F Tier Green Eren
F Tier Green Fraudrin
F Tier Green Gerharde
F Tier Green Gloxinia
F Tier Green Holy Knight Gowther
F Tier Green Griamore
F Tier Green Guila
F Tier Green Gustav
F Tier Green Halloween Diane
F Tier Green Hawk & Elizabeth
F Tier Green Hendrickson
F Tier Green Howzer
F Tier Green Hugo
F Tier Green Iori
F Tier Green Meliodas
F Tier Green Old Fart King
F Tier Green Ragnarok Merlin
F Tier Green Rimuru
F Tier Green Ruin
F Tier Green Will
F Tier Red Ban
F Tier Red Camila
F Tier Red Christmas Elaine
F Tier Red Deldry
F Tier Red Denzel
F Tier Red Diane
F Tier Red Dogedo
F Tier Red Dreyfus
F Tier Red Estarossa
F Tier Red Giant Diane
F Tier Red Gilthunder
F Tier Red Gloxinia
F Tier Red Hawk
F Tier Red Helbram
F Tier Red Howzer
F Tier Red Jericho
F Tier Red Jericho
F Tier Red Jude
F Tier Red Levi
F Tier Red Meliodas
F Tier Red Mike
F Tier Red Mono
F Tier Red Monspeet
F Tier Red Nunchuck Ban
F Tier Red Old Fart King
F Tier Red Princess Elizabeth
F Tier Red Roxy
F Tier Red Simon
F Tier Red Taizoo
F Tier Red Vivian

That’s everything covered about the best characters in our Seven Deadly Sins (7DS) Grand Cross Tier list. If you liked this guide, check more Tier lists and Mobile-related Guides in our dedicated section on Gamer Tweak.