How To Set Your Lock Screen Using Wallpaper Engine

Here's how you can use Wallpaper Engine to set your Lock Screen.

Wallpaper Engine is a great app for any PC enthusiast. Its vibrant community and intuitive editing features make it an accessible app for anyone looking to customize their desktop. Along with its base features, you can also set your lock screen using Wallpaper Engine. Down below are the steps need to set your Lock Screen.

How to set the Lock Screen using Wallpaper Engine on PC

set lock screen wallpaper engine

Keep in mind that you can only use your current home screen wallpaper as your lock screen image.

  • Go to the bottom right on your screen to Hidden icons, right-click on Wallpaper engine, and go to settings.
  • Go to the general tab in settings and scroll down till you see an option called “Override lock screen image
  • Enable this option, you should get a warning if you do this the first time but don’t worry it’s just a precautionary message.

Thats it! Now every time you start your PC you will see the non-animated version of your preferred desktop wallpaper. This can also be done on your Android smartphone with the help of the free companion Wallpaper Engine App that you get on purchasing Wallpaper Engine on Steam.

How to set the Lock Screen on your phone

  • Go to settings and click on wallpaper and style
  • Select the “My wallpaper” option
  • Click on the three dots on the top right of the screen and Click on Live wallpaper
  • If you have the Wallpaper Engine app installed, it should show up in this window, Now simply click on it and it should show you the wallpaper you currently have live on your PC.
  • Now just press Set Wallpaper and choose between Home screen or home and lock screen as per your preference.

That’s all there is to Setting your lock screen using Wallpaper Engine. Check out our guides on Making Wallpaper Engine start automatically and other gaming-related guides on Gamer Tweak.