Palworld Session Search Error Fix – Can’t Play Multiplayer

Trying to play Palworld with your friends but getting the Session Search error? Here are some things that you can do about it.

Palworld is a solid take on the monster-catching and survival experience. But since the game is still in early access, and due to its success there are new players frequently trying it out, the servers are occasionally having issues. One such problem that players are facing in Palworld is the Session Search error and they need a fix.

The error follows up with different messages like OnFindSessionsCompletebWasSuccessful == false. Or FindSessions OnlineSubsystem==nullptr. Regardless of what you get the common theme is it hinders you from playing multiplayer with your friends. But worry not, below is a list of some solutions that can make the game work normally for you.

How to Fix Session Search Error in Palworld

Palworld Session Search Error
Image Credits: u/-Collato on Reddit. Palworld Session Search Error screen.

At the time of writing this guide, there is no permanent fix for this solution, however, you can use these workarounds.

  • Restart Palworld: Starting with a generic but working solution. Close the game on your Xbox or PC. Don’t minimize it to Quick Resume. PC players can also close the Xbox app or Steam. Now, restart the game, PC players can also launch it from their Xbox or Steam client. Repeat this a few times until you are able to get into the game.
  • Disable Multiplayer: The other solution that can do the trick for you is to temporarily turn off Multiplayer in your World Settings. Try playing the game now to see if you still get the error. If you don’t then try enabling Multiplayer again and restarting the game. If you get the Session Search error this time then you should disable it until this issue is fixed by the developers.
  • Check for Updates: If you had been playing offline previously and now decided to jump online. Chances are you might have missed some updates and are getting this error. Make sure you update your game and restart it. You can also go to Steam and change Palworld’s Update settings so that it auto-updates whenever a new version is out.

Do remember that since these are just workarounds they might not actually work depending on the game’s version. These three seem to be the fixes with the highest chances that can help you out. Also note, that despite them solving the issue you can still encounter it again. As such, if it does happen then just reuse the above fixes. If these aren’t working for you then you can also always try out some of these other basic fixes:

  • Restart your PC or console.
  • Verify game files.
  • Reinstall the game.
  • Check your internet connection.
  • Refresh your internet connection.

Aside from that the only thing you can do is wait for the developers to release an official update that should fix this error for good.

That is all for how you can resolve the Session Search error. Be sure to check out our Palworld section to get help with other similar bugs, walkthroughs, and more.