God of War Ragnarok Service of Asgard Favor Walkthrough

Here is a complete guide on how to complete Serviced of Asgard Favor in GOW Ragnarok, three rig locations, and how to shut all the rigs.

To complete Service of Asgard Favor in GOW Ragnarok you will have to find three rigs. They are Modvitnir’s Rig, Althjof’s Rig and Radsvinn’s Rig. All have some puzzles, enemies, legendary chests, etc. It is a good side mission to complete farm crafting items and unlock some rare minerals. These will be used for crafting legendary armor or upgrading weapons. You will need Blade of Chaos to complete a few parts of the favor, which requires you to hook and swing among platforms. Here is a detailed walkthrough of the Service of Asgard side mission, all rewards, and rig locations.

How To Start & Complete Service of Asgard Favor?

Unlock Service of Asgard Favor

Service of Asgard is unlocked during The Path: The Quest of Tyr – main mission. You will have to talk to an NPC Raeb in the Tavern. He will give you the locations of the Rigs from where the mission beings. The objective is to shut down three rigs by solving puzzles. The rig has a legendary chest and lots of rewards in corners. It is best to explore all areas of the rig and then proceed to shut it down.

Service of Asgard Rigs Map Location

After talking to Raeb three rigs will be marked on the map in the Svartalfheim region. Take the boat and visit the spots one by one. Below are detailed guides on how to solve puzzles in these rigs, find a chest, and what rewards you will earn after shutting down each rig during the Service of Asgard Favor.

How To Find & Shutdown Modvitnir’s Rig?

Service of Asgard - Modvitnir’s Rig Location

Modvitnir’s Rig is simple, after docking the board climb up, kill a few enemies, and climb up again from the right. Hit a wooden circle with carving with an axe on right to unlock the gate. Jump towards the wooden structure and then climb up using the wooden logs. Follow the markings and you will reach on top.

Service of Asgard - Modvitnir’s Rig Puzzle

Again deal with a few Wild Wretchs and grab Muspelhiem Seed Half from the treasure chest. Go in the right direction and swing to the other side. Now hit the small circular panel to move the grappling lift. Once you reach at right end side, you will see a chain to climb up. But before that there is a chest on the left, to reach it use the grappling lift. Hit the circular panel multiple times to place the lift above the gap and swing to the chest. You will get Rawhide crafting time and some 182 hack silver from the chest. Return back to the chain and climb up, here you will have to fight a monster, and after defeating it shut down the rig.


  • Muspelhiem Seed Half: One half of a Yggdrasil Seed needed to travel to Muspelheim’s Crucible. – Treasure Chest
  • Rawhide Crafting Item – Treasure Chest
  • Hacksilver – Treasure Chest
  • Nidavellir Ore – Raw ore mined from the rigs in the Bay of Bounty in Svartalfhiem. – Used for crafting Nioavellir Finest Armor.
  • Kratos XP – 250
  • Atreus XP – 75

How To Find & Shutdown Radvinn’s Rig?

Service of Asgard - Radvinn’s Rig Location

Radvinn’s Rig is the simple one, just dock on the island and then turn left. Look for a wooden platform and climb it. The rig will be right in front, just go and shut it down. On the left of the rig, there is a treasure chest with signs on it. You will have to lit lamps of all characters to unlock the chest.

Radvinn’s Rig Location Tresure Chest

Sign 1 – Look on the left of the chest.

Radvinn’s Rig Location Tresure Chest

Sign 2 – Turn right and jump across the broken wooden floor and stop near two barrels. Command Atreus to shoot the barrels and it will explode revealing the second sign.

Radvinn’s Rig Location Tresure Chest

Sign 3 – Return to the location of the first sign and look at the extreme end below the trees. There is a cage-like area with a burning pot. Command arrow shoot and the pot will explode revealing the final sign. You will get Idunn’s Apple from the chest.


  • Idunn Apple – Increase Maximum Health.
  • Nidavellir Ore – Raw ore mined from the rigs in the Bay of Bounty in Svartalfhiem. – Used for crafting Nioavellir Finest Armor.
  • Forged Iron – 2
  • Hacksilver – 500
  • Kratos XP – 250
  • Atreus XP – 75

How To Find & Shutdown Althjof’s Rig?

Service of Asgard - Althjof’s Rig Location

The last one is Althjof’s Rig and it has a puzzle. If you do not know the exact way to solve it will take a lot of time. For this refer to our guide Althjof’s Puzzle Rig Solution for answers. There is a movable lift and a moving wooden platform that will let you pass through broken floors. Just check the link for all puzzle solutions and by shutting all three rigs will complete the Service of Asgard Favor objective in God of War Ragnarok.

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