MLB The Show 23 Server Status: Are They Down?

Here are all the ways you can check if MLB The Show 23 servers are down. And possible ways to troubleshoot your game if they are working.

Many players are unable to play MLB The Show 23, and this could happen for various different reasons. But the most common reason that several players face together it at the same time is due to the game’s servers being down. Don’t worry though there are some ways you can check the server status of MLB The Show 23. Below you can also find things like how long will they be down and basic fixes if the game’s servers are operational.

MLB The Show 23: How to Check Server Status

are mlb the show 23 servers down

The game’s official Twitter @MLBTheShow is the best place to check the server status of this game. But in case there are no recent updates there then there are other alternatives as well for you to use. Here are them all:

  • Twitter: As mentioned previously, since this is the official Twitter account this is the first place you should check. Here you can find all updates on whether the servers are down or for maintenance. You should also get news here if the servers will be offline in the future. Or if the game is going to get some additional content.
  • Downdetector: Another commonly used site by many players for such server issues is Downdetector. You can check here to see all the outages reported by other players in the last 24 hours.

How Long will MLB The Show 23 Servers be Down?

how long will mlb the show 23 servers be down

There is no estimated time for how long the servers will stay down. Depending on the issue it can take some time to get the servers up and running. For example, if the servers are down for unknown reasons, then the developers will have to first find the root problem and then fix it accordingly. But if it is a scheduled fix then the game should be up and running in a couple of hours.

Basic Tricks to Fix Connection Issues for MLB 23

In case the servers are working properly, then there is a chance the issue might be at your end.

  • Test your Connection: Use any browser of your choice to do a speed text. Check if you are getting proper download and upload speed as per your connection plan.
  • Refresh your Connection: A quick way to fix faulty internet speed is by refreshing it. Simply plug out and plug in your Ethernet cable in cases of a wired connection. As for a wireless connection, restart your router.
  • Restart MLB The Show 23: Restarting the game can also help fix such issues.

While you wait for the servers to be back, you should check out our guides for this game. Find out how to get traded, get stubs, and enable guess pitch.