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Madden 24 Servers Down Today? Check EA Server Status

Wondering if Madden 24 is having a server outage? Here's how you can check EA Server Status.

Are Madden 24 servers down right now and how do you check the current EA server status? Our guide has you covered. Players have reported about sudden server outages and maintenance that have disrupted their gaming time. Since your gaming time is hampered, it might be best if you learn how to check these beforehand. In this guide, we will show you how to get the latest server updates.

How to Check Madden 24 Server Status

Madden 24 Servers Down - How To Check EA Server Status

The best way to check the EA server status and see if the Madden 24 servers are down is by heading to Downdetector. Players can find all reports of server outages, server overload, and other server connection problems right here. Along with these, the official Madden X account (@EAMaddenNFL), Madden Direct (@MaddenNFLDirect), and EA Help (@EAHelp) accounts will also provide players with updates on any server-related issues and upcoming or ongoing maintenance.

Since Madden 24 is quite popular, Downdetector works best for these cases. Additionally, the EA Forum will also cover any issues related to servers or else otherwise. Madden 24 is the first game in the series to enable crossplay and with the early access coming to an end, there might be a jump in server issues. Do note that many players have not been able to play the Superstar mode due to sudden server outages and errors.

According to official Madden accounts, server maintenance for Madden NFL 24 is scheduled for 6:00 AM ET, Friday, August 18th. During this time players won’t be able to access the online game modes.

That’s all we have on the Madden 24 Server Status and how to check if the servers are down. If you found this guide useful, you should check out our Madden 24 dedicated section for more such guides right here at Gamer Tweak.