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Are BG3 Servers Down? Check Baldur’s Gate 3 Server Status

Unable to log in, connect and play Baldur's Gate 3? The servers might be down - here's how to check if it's the servers or connection issues from your end.

Are Baldur’s Gate 3 servers down right now and how to check the current BG3 server status? We’ve got you covered. Here’s how you can find out if there’s a sudden server outage or scheduled maintenance. The game is very immersive so not being able to play when you’ve planned a gaming session can be frustrating. Know how to get the latest updates.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Servers Down? Check BG3 Server Status Here

  • To know if BG3 servers are currently down, head over to @larianstudios official Twitter (or ‘X’) account to see if they have mentioned anything about the maintenance period over there.
  • You can also head over to the official site’s news section for any updates posted by the devs.
  • For other sources, you can look up players’ tweets and posts on Reddit to know if others are also facing similar connection or login issues. If that’s the case, then all you can do at that moment is wait until the server issues are fixed.

are bg3 servers down right now

Check if Steam is Down

If you are playing Baldur’s Gate 3 via Steam, check if the platform itself is having issues or outages. Know the latest Steam server status from here.

How to Fix Connection Issues?

  • Restart your router and try logging in again.
  • Use a wired connection instead of wifi.
  • Close other bandwidth-heavy applications or software.
  • Check if your firewall or antivirus is blocking your connection.

That’s basically how to check if Baldur’s Gate 3 servers are down right now and the official sources to know the BG3 server status. At the time of writing, there is no Downdetector page for this game, but considering the hype and popularity, we can assume one will be made soon enough.

Once the servers are back up online and the game is running properly, be sure to scroll through our Baldur’s Gate 3 guides to know the choices to make (and their consequences), tips and tricks as well as how to romance various characters.