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Age Of Empires 4 Servers Down? Check AoE 4 Server Status

Here's how to check the Age Of Empires 4 server status and find out if AoE 4 servers are down or back up.

Are Age Of Empires 4 servers down and if yes, how to check the server status of AoE 4? This may be the question on your minds right now and we will show you exactly how to find out the answer.

Age of Empires is a famous franchise and it’s going super strong even in its 4th installment. The game launched and skyrocketed to a concurrent player count of 54,851 players on Steam. This beats the Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition peak of 38,725 players which is a pretty awesome feat. Apart from this, there are players trying out AoE 4 on Xbox Game Pass as well. Due to the popularity of this game which also has a multiplayer mode, there are chances that Age Of Empires IV servers can go down. Let’s look at all the different ways to check the server status.


How to Check Age Of Empires 4 Server Status – Is AoE 4 down?

Here’s how to check if AoE 4 servers are down right now.

  • Check the official @AgeOfEmpires Twitter account.
  • Check Age of Empires Forum.
  • Find out if Steam or Xbox Live are down.
  • Get more info from the Social Media community.

Get Updates from the Official Twitter Account

Head over the official @AgeOfEmpires Twitter for any latest information about outage, downtime or maintenance period. Since the game is quite popular, the devs may increase the server capacity whenever required, for which they will need to close the servers for players for some time. Make sure to turn on notifications about any upcoming maintenance period so that you can be ready and keep your progress safe.

Here’s the type of tweet and update you can expect.


age of empires 4 maintenance period

how to check aoe 4 outage

Check Age of Empires IV Forums

The AoE IV forums are pretty active with players reporting multiple bugs, errors or issues. Similarly, when servers go down, you will find quite a few posts related to the same.


Find out if Steam or Xbox Live are Down

Sometimes, Steam or Xbox Live Services could be down due to their own outage, so check out Downdetector and Xbox Live Status to know the latest updates.

Social Media Community

Simply search the name of the game or its hashtag via Twitter Search and see if other players are also facing the same problems. If not, make sure to check if it’s your internet connection that is causing the connection problems or lag.

That’s basically everything you need to do to find out the Age Of Empires 4 server status and know if servers are down or not.

When will the servers be back up?

It’s never confirmed – it may take an hour or it may even take a day. All we can do at that point is wait it out. Keep an eye on the latest tweets from the official source and jump into a game right away.

If you need any more help with AoE 4, be sure to check out our Age of Empires 4 guides on Gamer Tweak.