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Serious Sam 4 on Steam & Google Stadia Will Release in August 2020

It was officially confirmed that Serious Sam 4 will release in August 2020 on Steam and Google Stadia. The new trailer finally reveals to us the approximate date of the premiere. The game, which is a continuation of the previous titles of the studio, will bring, above all, even more crazy fights, even more creatures, and an even more beautiful world.

Serious Sam 4 will be released on PC and the Google Stadia streaming platform. According to the information from the trailer and the product card on Steam, the title will go on sale in August, which means that in 3 months at the latest we will play the role of Serious Sam again.


This time the title is to be a prequel to all previous parts. Looking at the short video materials that were published simultaneously with the trailer, we will visit, among other cities, villages, and large tracts of forests.

The Legion system is to be responsible for the presence of tens of thousands of opponents on a single map. Although the published fragments give some insight into how Legion will work in Serious Sam 4, unfortunately, they are at the same time short enough and, therefore, it is not yet possible to analyze all the components of production.


We can only hope that before the premiere of the game the producer will be ready to publish more extensive material from the game. For now, we can certainly count on a break in the style of the good old Serious Sam in a more modern graphic design. We do not know the hardware requirements yet, but it will be revealed soon.

Recall that Serious Sam 4 is now available for pre-purchase on Steam and it will release in August 2020.