How to Sell Cars in Need for Speed Heat?

Unlocking and upgrading new cars is a major feature in Need For Speed Heat and as you move up the rankings in the game these things can often get a bit pricey which might leave you short for cash, this is a nice opportunity to see a vehicle which you do not use. This guide will show you how to sell a car in Need For Speed Heat.

How to Sell Cars in Need for Speed Heat?

Now as you progress in Need For Speed Heat, you will be unlocking, purchasing and upgrading newer cars which will make you excited for the next car that is going to be unlocked.

In the midst of this you might end up being strapped for cash or might just end up short for a couple of dollars, selling cars will ensure that you end up recovering some of the money that you have spent on the car.

Cars that are no longer in use have no purpose in your collection and selling them seems like a perfect option. Though the game never specifies how to sell a car, there is a way in which you can sell them.

First, you will need to visit the Garage and then select Showcase, this will bring up options in which you can select the cars of your crew or yours.

Select your car option and then proceed to find a car that you will not mind parting ways with.

Once you have the car you wish to sell, simply select the option which says ‘Sell Car’ and you will have sold your car.

The Garage is the only place where you can sell your car and earn bank in return, it is better than having your car being impounded.

This is all there is to know about how to sell cars in Need For Speed Heat, developed by EA Need For Speed Heat is available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Check our other NFS Heat Wiki Guides for all the tips, tricks and tweaks in the game only on GamerTweak.