Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Which Skills To Unlock First Guide

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice gives you a host of skills to hone and select from as you progress in the game and these skills are useful in battle as every major boss you encounter in the game will need a different approach to defeat him and this guide will show you what skills you need to unlock first.

What skills to unlock first

This guide will show you which guides you will need early on in the game.

1. Mikiri Counter Shinobi Art

The first skill you should unlock is the Miriki Counter, a special skill that will let you take down enemies especially those who wield a spear. A powerful skill to possess you will need 2 skill points to unlock this and it will let you counter enemy moves and deal a fatal blow to your enemies.

2. Suppress Presence Shinobi Arts

sekiro skill 1

This passive ability will let you stay hidden when you are in stealth. You can get this skill after unlocking the above skill. Suppress Presence will enable you to sneak around where earlier it seemed impossible from the enemies. This skill comes in handy when you are in a populated area. You will require 2 skill points to unlock this.

3. Mid-air Deflection Shinobi Arts

Deflecting enemy attacks is one of the most important aspects of combat in Sekiro and this skill will allow you to deflect attack in mid-air. You will require 1 skill point to unlock this, but this also helps you against projectile weapons such as guns and arrows.

4. Breath of Life: Light Shinobi Arts

First, you will require to unlock the skills Whirlwind Slash and A Shinobi’s Karma: Body to unlock the Breath of Life: Light. This skill is incredibly vital as it regains a bit of your health every time you deal a Shinobi Death Blow to your enemies. You will require 5 skill points to unlock this skill and though it seems like a lot of grind, it is worth the effort.

5. Chasing Slice Prosthetic Arts

sekiro skill 2

The very first skill on your Prosthetic Arts skill and it lets you create a combo attack every time you throw a shuriken at your opponent as it lets you dash forward and a sweeping swing with your sword. You will need 1 skill point to unlock this, but it makes a lot of difference in battle every time you use this skill. All you need to do is press R1 immediately after throwing a shuriken at your opponent.

6. Grappling Hook Attack Prosthetic Arts

Another skill you can find at the beginning of the skill tree, the skill allows you to launch in the direction of your enemy and deal some nasty damage. Though not usable on every enemy it is still a vital skill to possess. To unlock this you will require 1 skill point.

7. Emma’s Medicine: Potency Prosthetic Arts

This skill works like the healing gourd but is more effective, though you will need 4 skill points to unlock this. It is a worthy skill to posses to be able to regain your health.

8. Ascending/Descending Carp Ashina Arts

Possessing both these skills will definitely alter your combat and make you even more formidable than ever before, the Ascending Carp Skill allows you to deal significantly more posture damage when you deflect an attack while Descending Carp Skill will provide you a few extra seconds after you deflect. Having the combination of these skills will prove invaluable to you. To unlock these skills you will require 2 skill points for Ascending Carp Skill and 1 skill point for Descending Carp Skill.

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