Sekiro Where To Find Flame Vent Prosthetic Tool Guide

Flame Vent is a prosthetic tool which comes in handy as you progress in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, a flamethrower that deals in fire damage to the enemies and works especially good against red-eyed enemies who seem to have an aversion to being set on fire. To get the Flame Vent Prosthetic Tool you will need to obtain the flame barrel item and this guide will show you how to locate the flame vent.

Where to find Flame Vent prosthetic tool

The flame barrel is hidden in the Hirata Estate and to find it you will have to get the Young Lord’s bell charm from the old lady who mistakes you for her son. You will find her after your encounter with the first mini-boss in the game. She will be standing in the second house on the right.

You need to collect the charm and take it to the Buddha statue in the Dilapidated Temple, which will unlock a new area.

After you cross the bridge, climb the bridge and you will need to activate the Estate Path idol. CLimb over to the tower next to it and you will see smoke on the right-hand side. Get there using the rooftops and you will see a band of enemies around a bonfire.

The barrel you are looking for is inside this bonfire.

Now you will have two options, you can either jump in and escape with the tool or you can engage with the enemy. It is to be noted that you might have to deal with dogs if you do decide to slaughter everyone in sight, but the good news is that no one has any ranged weapon which means that no one will be able to take you down from afar. So go crazy and get your hands on the Flame Vent.

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