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Dead Space Remake: How To Get Security Clearance Levels

Unable to get past the Security? Check out our guide on how to get Security Clearance levels in Dead Space Remake.

Since this sci-fi horror video game is a reboot of the original Dead Space series, its remake features several unique gameplay mechanisms. One of these includes the Security Clearance levels that hold several riches. There are locked doors and containers scattered around Ishimura that require different Security clearance levels to unlock them. As you unlock them, you can plunder the credits or ammo inside these rooms. But several players are a bit confused about getting these clearances. Not to worry, check out our guide on how to get Security Clearance levels in Dead Space Remake to find out.

How to Get the Security Clearance Levels in Dead Space Remake

get security clearance levels in dead space

You can get or unlock the Security levels by eventually progressing through the storyline. That means you don’t have to worry about missing out on getting them in Dead Space Remake. So, if you are bent on getting all the resources and weapons, you have to be patient enough to progress through the story.

But for those that aren’t patient enough, here’s when you will unlock all three Security clearance levels:

  • Security Clearance Level One: You can unlock this clearance level during Chapter 2 Intensive Care. You can acquire this clearance from Captain’s Rig located in the Morgue of a Medical Deck by talking with Hammond.
  • Security Clearance Level Two: You will unlock this Security clearance level during Chapter 4 Obliteration Imminent. Interact with Hammond in the Captain’s Nest to receive the Security Clearance level 2.
  • Security Clearance Level Three: You can unlock Clearance level 3 during Chapter 7 Into the Void in Dead Space. You have to find the Mining Supervisor Dallas’ Rig on the Mining deck of Ishimura to get this clearance.

After players receive the Security Clearance upgrade, they can backtrack to the previous areas. These can help you open locked containers or doors due to not having clearance levels. You can get several resources or credits inside these rooms or containers. While increasing your Security clearance levels unlocks different rooms, you don’t necessarily have to backtrack. That’s because the storyline always takes you back to an area. But as there are a few exceptions, getting the Security clearance levels is also quite efficient. You can head back to these areas between progressing through the story.

However, if you are looking for Master Override access, you have to complete the You are Not Authorised side quest.

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