How To Find Secondary Objectives In Helldivers 2

Wish to complete the Secondary Objectives in Helldivers 2 but not sure how to find them? Here’s how you can identify them easily.

Whether it is for earning more Requisition or XP, Secondary Objectives in Helldivers 2 are fun. But unlike the Main Objectives, this one is optional and does not appear on the map unless you find it. Every operation certainly has some secondary objective that can be completed for more rewards. However, where and how to find them is completely your task. We have created this guide to help you find such optional objectives easily. So, if you want more rewards, here’s the right way.

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Best Ways to Find Secondary (Optional) Objectives in Helldiver 2

Secondary Objectives are scattered throughout the map in any mission you start. To find them, you will have to explore the map. Once you are in range, the Secondary Objective will appear on the screen and the mini-map. It is up to you if you want to complete it before or after the Main Objective. Anyways, the order of completion doesn’t matter, so it’s your call.

Important to note is that Secondary Objectives in Helldivers 2 mostly appear near a man-made structure. For example, you can go to Artillery Stations or Satellites and see if any secondary objectives are available there. Do not confuse yourself with other Points of Interest in your quest to find the Secondary Objectives. The POIs are marked with a Gem or “?” icon on the map. While the man-made structures are all represented by a red dot on the map.

Completing Secondary Objectives is the best way of farming Requisition (R) and XP in Helldivers 2. So completing them is an excellent option for farming this currency and unlocking more combat aids like Stratagems.

For now, that’s how you can identify Secondary Objectives in Helldivers 2. To learn more about the game, check out our other guides on Gamer Tweak.