Search The Fristad Shore Walkthrough In Deathloop

Complete Deathloop Search the Fristad Shore walkthrough.

Search the Fristad Shore is one of the objectives in Deathloop’s ‘Space Invader’ Visionary Lead. In this particular lead, you will find out everything about Charlie and Fia’s relationship in the game. Your objective will be to find both of them and then kill them. In this guide, we will show you how to complete the objective.

Deathloop Search The Fristad Shore Guide

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The first step is to locate the Fristad rock hideout of Charlie and Fia. When you view an image of Charlie and Fia, you will spot a hideout location in some part of the shore. In this image, you will also find a crashed plane somewhere in the distance.

Now, right from the starting location in Fristad Rock, you will need to follow the path located to your right. Doing so will help you reach the large junkyard. Before you head into this junkyard, you need to remember that the place is full of enemies that frequently patrol it. Try to avoid any contact with these enemies, so that you can maintain a low-key status and avoid being discovered. Conflict with these enemies will most likely result in instant death. We recommend you use Colt’s abilities in order to prevent the possibility of an all-out gunfight.

As you move in the Fristad Rock, you will recognize the plane from the image. It will be frozen in the water. Move towards the shore and follow it in the direction of the mountains. You will find enemies here too (just like in the junkyard). As you did earlier, you should try to use cover whenever you can to avoid any conflict. Make sure you are not discovered by any of these enemies, as this will compromise your mission and hinder your progress.

Once you make it to the end of the shore, you will spot a secret pathway that moves around the rock formation. Stay on this path in order to get to the location that is in the photograph. As you follow this path, be careful of the ice. If you slip on the ice, you will fall right into the water, resulting in death. Make your way into the bunker and then walk towards the large control panel. In this control panel, you will realize that you need to enter a passcode to reach Charlie and Fia.

In order to get this passcode, you will need to complete the ‘Afternoon Delight’ Visionary Lead. Here, you need to acquire four images to open the bunker from Fia’s headquarters. Once you get access to the said bunker, you will be able to flood the location. Doing so will instantly kill both Charlie and Fia, completing the Search the Fristad Shore objective in Deathloop.

But remember, completing the Afternoon Delight Visionary Lead is absolutely imperative in determining the success of this objective. This is because of the fact that it is the only way you can gain access to Fia’s bunker. Only after this will the flooding of the location be enabled.

And that’s it. With these steps, you will be able to complete the Search the Fristad Shore objective in Deathloop. Before you finish this objective, however, you will need to complete the Afternoon Delight Visionary Lead. Just remember to follow each of the instructions in this guide in order to do well in this mission. Also, do your best to completely avoid any contact with the several enemies that patrol the vast breaths of the map.

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