Elden Ring PC Screen Tearing Fix

Here's how to fix Elden Ring PC screen tearing.

Screen Tearing is pretty nasty when you have been waiting for your favorite game for so long. And now finally Elden Ring is here, but many players are facing screen-tearing in their game. The main culprit is Vsync which is already enabled in-game, and it ignores the global Gsync & Freesync of your PC. From Software games have always been tied to framerates, with game speed or in other ways. So with info, today we will show you how to fix Elden Ring PC Screen Tearing.

Elden Ring Screen Tearing on PC Fix

Elden Ring Screen Tearing on PC Fix

Here’s how to fix Elden Ring PC screen tearing:

  1. Open “NVIDIA Control Panel”
  2. Click on “Manage 3D Settings”
  3. Click on “Global Settings”
  4. Scroll to find “Vertical sync”
  5. It will be default at “On”
  6. Change it to “Use the 3D application setting”
  7. Now click on the “Program Settings” tab
  8. Under “Select a program to customize”
  9. Select “Elden Ring”
  10. If the game is not shown in the drop-down, use “Add”
  11. Now under “Specify settings for this program”
  12. Scroll to find “Vertical sync”
  13. Select “Use the 3D application Setting”
  14. If you have AMD GPU use the next steps
  15. Open “AMD Radeon Software”
  16. Click on “Settings”
  17. Click on “Graphics”
  18. From the left-side tabs, click on “Wait for Vertical Refresh”
  19. Choose “Off, unless application specifies”

Here’s what u/DaedHead8 shared in Reddit:

I ran into the same problem. I have vysnc off globally with gsync enabled. The game runs at a locked 60 FPS at max settings (R7 3700x + 2060s) with awful screen tearing. I enabled vsync only for Elden Ring in the Nvidia control panel and the screen tearing is gone. I’m no expert but it seems to me the game is ignoring gysnc.
I seem to remember something about the game speed in dark souls being tied to the frame rate, so it’s likely we have a similar situation here and will never have uncapped frames.

So that’s all about how to fix Elden Ring PC screen tearing. While you are here, make sure to check out our Elden Ring Guides for more interesting tips & tricks, like How to summon friends and play coop.