Scrap Metal Quest In Escape From Tarkov: How To Complete

Here's all you need to know about how you can complete the quest, Scrap Metal in Escape From Tarkov.

The Scrap Metal is one of the Peacekeeper’s quest that you can complete in Escape from Tarkov. In this quest, all you have to do is mark some objectives and help the Peacekeeper locate some tanks. However, the game doesn’t provide any location details, which makes it difficult for the player to complete the task. If you are struggling with the same, then we are here to help. In this guide, we have mentioned all the location details and other info you need for the Scrap Metal quest.

Scrap Metal Peacekeeper Quest Guide for Escape From Tarkov

Scrap Metal Peacekeeper Quest Guide for Escape From Tarkov

In Escape from Tarkov, Scrap Metal quest you’ll have to mark three T-90 Tanks located on the Shoreline map via using MS2000 Marker. If you don’t have the markers on you, then simply head to Prapor and buy them for 15,177 Euros each. But before you do that, ensure that you are on at least level 10, which is required to start the quest. If you are then let’s dive right into the T-90 Tank locations.

T-90 Tank Locations on Shoreline

Scrap Metal Peacekeeper Quest Guide Tank Locations
Source Image: Map Genie
  1. As you can see, the first T-90 Tank is located on the north side of the map. Simply head to the marked location and cross the bridge. And besides a small mountain, you’ll find the tank facing toward a bunker. Once you spot it, mark it using the MS2000 marker and that’ll do the trick.
  2. Players can find the second tank slightly in the middle of the map. Here you can easily spot the tank, as it is stuck on the small bridge. After spotting it, place the marker and move on to the last location.
  3. In the southwest direction you’ll find the last T-90 Tank in the middle of the road. It is pretty easy to spot and once you do, place the MS2000 marker to complete the objective.

And that’s how you can complete the Scrap Metal quest in Escape from Tarkov. However, while doing the quest ensure that you keep your markers in the special slots, as it’s quite costly and disappears if the player dies. Also note, that after placing the markers protect them for 30 seconds, or else the game will not register the objective. For your reference here’s a list of rewards you’ll get for completing the Peacekeeper’s quest.

  • 5,900x EXP
  • 900x Dollars
  • 0.03+ Peacekeeper Reputation
  • x1 HK MP5 9×19 submachine gun
  • x120 9x19mm Pst

That sums up all about how you can complete the Scrap Metal quest in Escape from Tarkov. While you are here, check out the best Keys to keep in all maps. Also, take a look at the list of cheaters banned from EFT.