Escape From Tarkov Ban List: List Of Cheaters Revealed (2023)

This is where you can find out if someone you know has been banned in EPT or not.

Escape from Tarkov is a realistic (and very difficult) online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO features and in a game like this, cheaters are not welcome. This is why, the devs have released a Tarkov ban list featuring more than 6000 cheaters, thereby publicly revealing those who have resorted to dishonesty and unfair multiplayer fights. Want to know if someone you know made the cut? Here’s where to find it.

Escape from Tarkov Ban List 2023

ban list tarkov

The developers have tweeted the link to the Google Document where all the usernames of cheaters are listed. Click on the links to check it out directly.

What makes Battlestate games different is that they mention the usernames/gamertags of cheaters instead of just mentioning how many people were banned, like most other online FPS games. This should instill some fear in players who wish to use mods in EPT.

Due to cheating, not only do the fights become unbalanced, it also leads honest and dedicated players to leave the game. But justice does get served in waves of bans, which will most likely continue in the future as well. You can follow the official @tarkov Twitter account to get the latest updates.

“We want honest players to see the nicknames of cheaters to know that justice has been served and the cheater who killed them in a raid has been punished and banned,” Battlestate Games’ spokesperson Dmitri Ogorodnikov infomed TechCrunch.

The game is using BattlEye anti-cheat to detect these cheaters and the software also protects the game from hacking and other forms of attacks. It will find out when a cheater is using a mod to give themselves in-game advantages like aimbots, wall hacking, etc. and list out the usernames and the devs, then, share them publicly.

Hopefully, this naming and shaming prevent people from cheating and Tarkov can be fair all over again.

This isn’t the first time cheaters/cheat mods were under the scanner. Just recently in February 2023, Bungie won a $4 million+ lawsuit against Destiny 2 cheats developer AimJunkies. The judge ordered that they must pay over $3.6 million in damages and $700,000 in legal expenses due to violation of Bungie’s copyright.

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