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Scomp Link Location in SW Jedi Fallen Order BD-1 Repair Guide

Scomp link in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is one of the droid tools used to repair/install it onto BD-1. Scomp Link will help BD-1 to cut through Imperial tech across the galaxy. This will allow you to open shortcuts in the game and escape the stormtroopers and wildlife of the planet. This fallen order guide will show how to upgrade BD-1’s Scomp Link location.

Where to find a BD-1 scomp link repair ?


There is a chest which you will encounter early in the game which can be easily accessed while others require scomp link to open. If you get a message saying the scomp link must be repaired to operate this device means your BD-1 require to get Upgrade. You must repair and replace the scomp link with a brand new copy.

The Scomp Link upgrade table can be found on Planet Zeffo, during your second visit for the giant Zeffo statue. During the quest in the Weathered Monument area, you have to get inside the secret bunker under the base of the Zeffo statue. Open the Map and check the Orange Pad and keep following the marker to a workbench. Once you get teh upgrade, your BD-1 is ready for upgrade and unlocking Scomp Link.

scomp link location


If you are still confused with the location then check the video below to follow the proper walkthrough for the Scomp Link workbench location. Now head towards Bogano to interact with all the Imperial chests and unlock the items. This is how you can repair BD-1 Scomp Link in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

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