15 Scariest Horror Games On Roblox (2023)

List of the scariest horror games on Roblox right now.

The words horror and Roblox at first seem to be the polar opposite in a gamer’s mind. The colorful and quirky outer shell of the free website hides the fact that many Roblox developers have a genuine love and passion for horror games. With thousands of options to choose from, here are the 15 scariest horror games on Roblox.

Best & Scariest Roblox Horror Games (2023)

1. The Mimic

the mimic roblox
The Mimic is a collection of four stories inspired by Japanese history and urban legend, each with its unique twist. You play as a different character in each of these stories, uncovering mysteries and clues about the world you inhabit. One of the best storytelling experiences Roblox has to offer, The Mimic can be played solo or with friends.

2. 3008

3008 roblox
3008 leaves you in an abandoned IKEA store where you are left to survive the night against vicious IKEA employees out on the hunt. The players have until nightfall to build a base using discarded furniture and collect health and energy supplies that are scattered through the map. A thrilling game of tension and a race against time, 3008 is a fun experience for any Roblox fan.

3. Piggy

piggy roblox
A twisted take on the popular TV show Peppa pig, Piggy is now a massive Roblox horror staple. With over 12 different maps and 7 game modes to choose from players are spoiled for choice. Piggy has the makings of a formidable horror villain, as he runs you down in trap-filled rooms, giving players just enough time to uncover the over-arching story that runs through multiple chapters of this ongoing saga.

4. Infectious smile

infectious smile Roblox
It is human to feel emotion, but some emotions are better left unsaid. Infectious smile tries to live by that credo as you are given a choice to play as the ever-happy Smilers or helpless prey. But even prey can sometimes fight back.

5. Floppy’s playtime

floppy's playtime Roblox
A faithful recreation of the horror classic Poppy’s playtime, Floppy’s places you in a factory full of stuffed toys and anguish. The game manages to create an eerie atmosphere, peppered with challenging puzzles that hold the key to your escape from the ever-present floppy. With its sequel Floppy’s Playtime Chapter 2 out now, Roblox fans everywhere are rediscovering the magic of the original free-to-play classic.

6. Geisha

geisha Roblox
Geisha is a throwback to cult classic horror games of the 2000s. A setting dripping with anxiety, and terrors that wait for you around every corner as you walk in the shoes of the protagonist who finds his childhood home abandoned. The game’s inspired by Japanese urban legends of Teke-Teke, a schoolgirl on a path of vengeance against her killers. A must-play for fans of both Roblox and Horror.

7. The Maze

the maze Roblox
True to its name The Maze has only one goal in mind, disorientation. Trapped in a life-sized puzzle with over 12 players, each armed with nothing but a flashlight, the maze lets its soundtrack do the talking. Monsters lurk in the shadows waiting for the batteries in your torch to run out, all you have to do is escape.

8. Dead Silence

dead silence Roblox
Inspired by the hit horror film of the same name, Dead Silence wears the batch of “#1 scariest game on Roblox” with pride. The game’s immaculate sound and level design are in a league of their own, putting the player in a state of anxiousness and dread. From creaking doors to vengeful puppets, Dead Silence is a must-play for any horror fan.

9. Apeirophobia

Apeirophobia Roblox
Apeirophobia with its flashing lights, and visceral imagery is the most mature game on this list. Players have to work as a team to find their way out of what seems to be an endless dark room by solving tricky but engaging puzzles. Apeirophobia manages to affect everyone who walks through its infinite rooms.

10. Panik

Panik Roblox
In what might be a cautionary tale in our near future, Panik traps you in an under-lit supermarket stalked by a malfunctioning evil robot. Use the environment and items on your grocery list to defeat this menace. New maps and cosmetics keep the game fresh and replayable, with its quick rounds making each encounter entertaining.

11. Casual Board Game

casual board game Roblox
Casual board game aims to recreate the childlike terror and anticipation inherent in an Ouija board. The game’s use of sound effects blends seamlessly with the creepy otherworldly being that your Ouija board has summoned. All the player has to do to survive is ask the right question, easier said than done.

12. Finders Keepers

finders Keepers Roblox

Finders Keepers let you play as an investigator who is tasked with solving the mystery tied to an abandoned house. Armed with just a flashlight and their wits, players have to fight off the devilish malice that haunts the house.

13. Elmira

elmira Roblox
Elmira takes you on a seemingly simple journey of a school trip, only to realize things are not what they seem. A story-based game that will be best enjoyed without spoiling too much, Elmira is a must for fans of horror.

14. Hunting Season

Hunting Season Roblox
An Endless survival-type game, Hunting Season pits you against the undead as you and your friends try and survive day after day with the help of the military. With danger around every corner, Hunting Season gives you a chance to fight the horrors that be.

15. Survive Sakura

Survive Sakura Roblox
Part of the classic “Run! The killer’s coming” genre, Survive Sakura takes place in a Japanese High school where you take turns playing as either survivor or Killer. Survivors try to find the keys to their freedom while the killer Sakura menacingly hunts them with her knife. The game is an enjoyable blend of cute and horror, perfect for a co-op with friends.

Those are the 15 scariest Roblox horror games we could find. Check our list of the Most fun games to play on Roblox and other Roblox-related content here on Gamer Tweak.

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