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How To Reduce & Remove Scarlet Rot In Elden Ring

Here's how to get rid of and cure Scarlet Rot in Elden Ring.

Status effects can make or break your fight and it’s crucial to know what exactly they do and how to change their effect. In this guide, we will take a look at how to reduce, cure and remove Scarlet Rot in Elden Ring. As you know, Scarlet Rot will deal damage to the target pretty quickly and it will last for quite some time. But don’t worry, these items and incantations will help you out.


How to Reduce Scarlet Rot in Elden Ring?

To reduce Scarlet Rot and avoid losing HP, players can use the Immunizing Cured Meat consumable, which will temporarily boost immunity. This increased immunity is useful to mitigate the buildup of Scarlet Rot for your character. Further ahead, we’ve listed some more items that increase immunity. Make sure the immunity level is high because that determines your susceptibility to rot.

Where to Find Immunizing Cured Meat (Location)


When you are in the areas of Waypoint Ruins in Limgrave and Siofra River well, you need to explore the location well to obtain them. Look for this item in shrubs, stairs, or loot it from a corpse. In case you don’t want to go through this hassle, you can find a Nomadic Merchant in Liurnia of the Lakes and directly purchase it from them in return for 2000 Runes.

If you are short of money, you can also use the crafting mechanism to obtain this item:

Materials required:


  • 5 Rowa Fruit 
  • 1 Sliver of Meat 
  • 1 Great Dragonfly Head 
  • 1 Smoldering Butterfly 

You also need the Armorer’s Cookbook [5] which can be found in Redmane Castle. Apart from the Immunizing Cured Meat, this cookbook is useful to craft Immunizing White Cured Meat too.

More Items that Raise Immunity in Elden Ring


Since immunity is what decides your resistance to poison and scarlet rot, you can work towards obtaining the following talismans and equipment.

  • Immunizing Horn Charm
  • Mottled Necklace
  • Mushroom Set
  • Guardian Set
  • Spiralhorn Shield
  • Perfumer’s Shield
  • Ant’s Skull Plate

How to Cure and Remove Scarlet Rot in Elden Ring

While this consumable will help you mitigate this deadly status effect, you will require other items and incantations to cure and remove it.

  • Consumables and items that remove Scarlet Rot are Speckled Hardtear and Preserving Boluses.
  • Incantations that cure Scarlet Rot are Flame Cleanse Me and Law of Regression.

Where to Find Speckled Hardtear

speckled hardtear crystal tear

  • Players can get this Crystal Tear after defeating Wormface at Minor Erdtree in Altus Plateau.

Where to Find Preserving Boluses

preserving boluses remove scarlet rot

  • Preserving Boluses can be found at multiple locations including – North Caelid, Leyndell Royal Capital and Siofra River Well. Moreover, you can also locate the Nomadic Merchant in Caelid Highway North to purchase this consumable. Once consumed, it will alleviate Scarlet Rot buildup and cure rot ailment.

How to Get Flame Cleanse Me

flame cleanse me cure scarlet rot

  • Flame Cleanse Me is a win-win because it cures both poison and scarlet rot. You can get to the Fire Monk camp near the Church of Vows and loot a corpse to obtain this incantation.

How to Get Law of Regression

law of regression

  • Law of Regression heals all negative status effects and also reveals mimicry in various forms. To find Law of Regression, you need the Golden Order Principia. Head to Erdtree Sanctuary in Leyndell, Royal Capital, and look for a chair hanging from the ceiling.

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