Scarlet Nexus: How to Defeat Coil Moil?

Here is a walkthrough of the Coil Moil boss fight in Scarlet Nexus

Coil Moil is a major Other that the players will have to face off in Scarlet Nexus. This enemy can be defeated easily by a single strategy. So if you are finding it difficult to beat Coil Moil in Scarlet Nexus, we have a guide here that tells you how to easily defeat it.

How to Beat Coil Moil in Scarlet Nexus?

Scarlet Nexus Coil Moil

To beat Coil Moil in Scarlet Nexus, use Tsugumi’s last-second dodge skill. If you level up her Clairvoyance to level 2, it will easily break the frost armor that is on Coil Moil. Once the armor is broken, target its weak spot that is the bed of circular growth in its back.

Remember, once the armor is broken, it will become more aggressive. It however will get weaker too along with it. Now is the time to start using Hanabi’s Pyrokinesis as Coil Moil is an ice element enemy; this will be the key to defeat it in Scarlet Nexus. Along with that, just sneak in the Psychokinesis ability whenever you can and use the environment to the fullest.

Coil Moil Boss Attacks and Defenses

Scarlet Nexus Coil Moil boss

Coil Moil has certain Attacks that you need to watch out for. Gemma’s Sclerokinesis will come to your rescue during the attacks.

The main attack that you need to take care of and will cause the most damage is the shockwave of 5 ice pillars that will appear from the ground.  The tip here is that Coil Moil will raise its hands to hit the ground for the shockwave. This is your cue to run as far as you can from it. Remember, run backward away from Coil Moil, not sideways. This attack is alose carried out with water shockwaves instead of ice. Same mechanism to dodge these ones.

Boss Attack

The next attack is the water jet streams that Coil Moil will shoot at you. This attack is fairly simple and you can just dodge it sideways.

When about 3/4th of Coil Moil’s health is down, it will add in a new attack. It will dig a tunnel underground and track your character’s footsteps and come up from blow to deal a lot of damage. To dodge this one, your only option is to run around aimlessly and randomly around the location fast in order to confuse it.

So that is all for our guide on how to beat Coil Moil in Scarlet Nexus. If you would like to know about SAS Powers in the game, we have a gid on that too for you to check out.