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Scarlet Nexus: SAS Powers Guide

Here is everthing you need to know about the SAS powers in Scarlet Nexus

Struggle Arms Systems or SAS for short is an ability in Scarlet Nexus that allows your character to share powers with the team. This is one of the best abilities that you can have while in battles. This also works the other way round. It is basically a psycho-kinetic skill that will virtually connect your character’s brain with the rest of the team and allow a free flow of skills.

How To Use SAS Power in Scarlet Nexus?


SAS Power Scarlet Nexus

Here are the commands for Playstore and Xbox to use the SAS Power in Scarlet Nexus:

  • PlayStation – R1 Button
  • Xbox – RB Button


Pressing these buttons will give you a list of all your teammates with the abilities that you have at your disposal now. They all have their own unique skills and cooldown periods. So now the players basically have multiple abilities to choose from and use in the battle. The commands for deactivating SAS are the same for both platforms.

How To Level Up SAS?

Scarlet Nexus


SAS can be leveled up by leveling up your bond levels with your companions. The more you increase your bond level, the more you can increase your SAS. You can increase your bond levels with your companions by giving them gifts. But you need to make sure that you give the appropriate gift to the appropriate companion. If you do not know what gift to give, we have a guide here that will tell you what is the best gift for companions in Scarlet Nexus.

Types of SAS Abilities

SAS Power


Here are all the SAS Psychokinetic abilities that are at your disposal in Scarlet Nexus:

  • Electrokinesis – Shiden Ritter
  • Velocity – Arashi Spring
  • Duplication – Kyoka Eden
  • Invisibility – Kagero Donne
  • Pyrokinesis – Hanabi Ichijo
  • Clairvoyance – Tsugumi Nazar
  • Sclerokinesis – Gemma Garrison
  • Teleportation – Luka Travers
  • Psychokinesis – Kassane Randall/Yuito Sumeragi

So that is all for our guide on what are the SAS Powers in Scarlet Nexus and how to use them. If you would like to know how to get the best weapons in the game, we have a guide on that too for you to check out.