How To Save The King In Royal Match King’s Nightmare

Wondering how to Save the King from King’s Nightmare in the Royal Match? Read along to know.

The King’s Nightmare is the optional match of the game. Here you get to Save the King of Royal Match from different mishaps and dire situations. You’ll be extinguishing fire, providing a King parachute, saving him from drowning, dragon, and so on. Now the question is how do you even get to this special level? Previously you got to play the level once a day. But that changed in March 2022.

King’s Nightmare was updated to provide you with a better Save the King experience. And here we have given all the changes and ways to access the level. Hop on to know how you can save King Robert from his nightmare. As well as earn some Coins.

How To Play Save the King in Royal Match

How To Play Save the King in Royal Match
Image Credit: Royal Match Play Store

You’ll find the Save the King Nightmare levels throughout your game progress. Instead of getting them daily, you can now play multiple as you progress. Every time the level appears, you’ll find it in the place of the level button on Home.

  • When you press the King’s Nightmare you’ll get Play and Skip options.
  • Skip if you want to go to the normal levels instead of Save the King. And press play if you wish to play this special level.
  • After loading you have 1 minute to save him. Your goal will differ with the danger. Such as if the King is stuck in a fire, you’ll have to collect the fire extinguisher. Parachute if he is falling or something else based on his nightmare.
  • The King’s Nightmare button gets replaced with the level once you have finished it.
  • Keep progressing and get new nightmare levels.

That’s all on how to play Save the King Nightmare levels in Royal Match. If you found this guide useful, you should see our Royal Match section. There you can learn about the game’s cheat system and other mechanisms.