How To Get Richie Out Of Jail In Dude Theft Wars

At the start of Dude Theft Wars, you play as Jack. But as you progress through the game, you can unlock new characters like Richie. But it is not easy to get him. Since he is in jail, you must complete a series of tasks to save Richie. However, you need not worry as our guide can help you out. We will show you how to Get Richie out of Jail in Dude Theft Wars.

How to Save Richie in Dude Theft Wars

how to save richie in dude theft wars

You will first need to visit Richie in jail, during which he will tell you the story of how he landed here. He will then ask you to speak to Kiril. He will start assigning you several tasks when you meet up with him. Before you can get Richie out of Jail in Dude Theft Wars, you will need to complete these tasks given by Kiril:

  1. Bring back Kiril’s car
  2. Beat Kiril’s time record
  3. Find the Hacking Device parts
  4. Collect 3000$ in cash
  5. Find batteries
  6. Beat the Hay Gang
  7. Take a photo of Richie’s jail number
  8. Drop 5 dudes in a row with your Duber
  9. Switch to Richie and get rid of the police

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Since this is an extremely lengthy process, check out this video walkthrough by Kymo on how to save Richie in Dude Theft Wars:

If you follow the steps mentioned in the video above, you will be able to unlock Richie in the end. Though it would require much effort, you will get a new character to play with. Richie wields a guitar as a weapon while also being able to freeze time.

That’s all you need to know on how to get and unlock Richie as a character in Dude Theft Wars. We hope you have learned how to get Richie out of Jail. If you are new to the game, check how to Get Money and Rob a Bank in Dude Theft Wars.

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