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Fix GTA Online Save Migration Error – Profile Not Eligible?

Here are the reasons why you are getting the GTA Online Save Migration Error which says you are not eligible for transfer and more.

Are you getting the following error messages – “GTA Online Profile is Not Eligible for Migration” or “You Have No GTA Online Profiles Available”? Here’s everything you need to know about the GTA Online Save Migration Error.

GTA Online has been around since 2013 and has been available to play since the PS3/Xbox 360 generation. It’s time for the next-gen upgrade but many players, unfortunately, are facing this save migration error while trying to transfer their character progression. This can be especially scary for those players who have spent years and years leveling up the character, earning loads of money and buying weapons/properties, and more.


How to Fix Save Migration Error in GTA Online

gta online save migration not eligible

Here are the reasons why you are getting the Save Migration error in GTA Online.


  • Your GTA Online profile is banned or suspended.
  • The profile is already migrated and now it’s not eligible to migrate.
  • If any illegitimate progress was detected in the profile, it won’t be available for migration.
  • The progress in the Online profile is too less and it cannot be migrated.

What can you do to fix it?

  • Make a new GTA Online profile if you’ve used cheats or exploits in your original profile. Yes, you will have to start over. But if you have been banned or suspended, there’s no other way to retrieve your progress. If you prefer, you can contact Rockstar Support to be sure of this.
  • In case you feel like you have been wrongly banned or suspended, contact Rockstar Support for further assistance.
  • If your progress is too less and insufficient, you can simply start a new save file on the new-gen console. You won’t lose much, so you can easily play again to reach the previously-achieved progression.
  • Remember to use the same accounts you used for the old and new-gen consoles. The same GTA profile and Rockstar Social Club account need to be used.


One important thing to note is that once the migration is done, your GTA online save/progress can be accessed only from your new-gen console. It will be removed from your old-gen platforms. This means everything from your character progression, earnings, purchases, weapons and everything else stays in your PS5. But it also gets deleted from your older consoles and you be able to play from there again.

Purchased GTA$ (that is, the money players gained from Shark Cards, platform membership programs, etc.) can only be transferred between platforms of the same family (PS4 to PS5, Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S) during GTA Online profile migration. All GTA$ that you have earned (that is, the money gained from playing the game) will transfer regardless of platform family.

Also if you were curious to know about the GTA online profile migration of PS4 and Xbox One accounts that were previously migrated to PC – then Rockstar Support has addressed it. The migration should work as intended now. But do keep in mind that GTA Online profiles on PC cannot be migrated to PS5 or Xbox Series X|S. For more info, you can check out @RockstarSupport.