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How To Save Kelly Chambers In Mass Effect 2?

Here is how you can save Kelly Chambers from dying in Mass Effect 2

The Mass Effect game has portrayed some strong relationships in the game among the members of the crew. It showcases a decent number of quests that test these relationships. It will make you feel the need to be emotionally invested in the game. This is exactly what happens when Kelly Chambers, a member of your team is kidnapped and is fighting between life and death. It is your mission to save her as a player and the time is ticking. The players may hence get a little confused or under pressure to save her. So to help you with this intense mission we tell you how to save Kelly Chambers in Mass Effect 2.

How to Save Kelly Chambers in Mass Effect 2?


Save Kelly In Mass Effect 2

After the reaper IFF is in the Normandy, collectors will raid your ship and kidnap Kelly Chambers. As soon as they kidnap her, you will need to launch the ‘Suicide Mission’. The important point to keep in mind to save Kelly is that you need to complete the suicide mission of Mass Effect right after Collectors kidnap her without completing any other mission in the game. If you complete any other task, Kelly will die at the collector’s base.

If completed on time, you will be able to pull Kelly out of the Collector’s pod alive and save her in Mass Effect 2. The payers will then have to send anyone desired squadmate to accompany her. If the squadmate does not accompany, Kelly along with the entire crew will die in an attempt to return back to Normandy. You also need to make sure that the squadmate that you send is a loyal squadmate. If not, they all will die.


What Happens After Kelly You Save Kelly?

If you are successful in saving Kelly Chambers, you will get to have a short dialogue with her. After the mission when she thanks you for saving her life. She will only appear in Mass Effect 3 if you are successful in saving her life in Mass Effect 2 and you invite her over dinner at the Shepard’s Cabin.

So that is all there is to it on how to get how to save Kelly in Mass Effect 2. If you would like to know the Pre-service history or how to get the Spectre gear in the game, do check out our article on that too.