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How To Save Captain Kirrahe In Mass Effect?

This is how you will save the life of Captain Kirrahe in Mass Effect and be a hero.

Virmire’s assault will have the players witness a lot of deaths and losing loves ones from your team in Mass Effect. One among them is Captain Kirrahe. He can however be saved if taken the right decisions. So in this guide, we tell you how to save Kirrahe in Mass Effect.

How to Save Kirrahe in Mass Effect?


There are 4 side missions that you need to complete in order to save Captain Kirrahe in Mass Effect during your attack on Saren’s base. Remember, the sequence to complete these missions is the key to saving Kirrahe. If you jumble up the sequence of the objectives and still finish all four, Kirrahe will be killed. You will have to leave behind a squadmate with the Solarians who will give you these missions over the radio. You need to complete all 4 of them that too in the order given below:

Disrupt Geth communications

Disrupt Geth Communications
As soon as you approach the base, you will get your first objective which will be to destroy the Geth get communication drones at the communication tower. You will be met with a Geth Sniper, a Geth Destroyer, and a Geth Shock Trooper. It will be recommended to camp and use a sniper to take the first two out and then climb the slope of the communication tower and take down the last enemy. On the upper level, you will find the Triangulation tower. Interact with it to deactivate and disrupt the enemy communications. There is some loot there on the same level that you can collect too. This way you will finish the first task to save Kirrahe in Mass Effect.


Destroy the Satellite Uplink

Destroy the Satellite Uplink
Right after the Geth communication tower, you will be tasked to destroy the Satellite Uplink. As you approach the Satellite Uplink Tower, you will see a satellite on the second level of the tower. To take it down, you can simply use a long-range weapon to shoot it down or use a grenade and complete the second step to save Kirrahe in Mass Effect. It will be guarded by a Krogan Warrior and a Geth Sniper. You might have to get inside the tower to take down the warrior, but the only way to destroy this satellite is to actually take it down by shooting it or bombing the satellite part directly. Destroying any other base parts of the satellite in the tower will not destroy the satellite. The tower has some loot too that the players might wanna get.

Destroy the Geth Flyers


Geth Flyers
The next mission will be on the Refueling Platform where you will have to destroy the Geth Rocket drones and Assault drones. You can simply just shoot them down and you will be done with the third mission to save Kirrahe in Mass Effect. There will be 5 of them and will be in the same direction so you do not have to worry about them attacking you from all directions.

Disable Alarms

How To Save Kirrahe in Mass Effect
A squadmate will hack the security console as soon as you reach the main base. Here your squadmate will give you two options: You can cut the alarms or trigger the alarms. Here, select the ‘They’ve got enough trouble’ option to cut the alarms and save Captain Kirrahe in Mass Effect. Triggering the alarm will cause the enemies to divert to the Solarians and Captain Kirrahe will be killed in the fight. So choose to cut the alarms here.


Completing all these tasks in this particular order will save Kirrahe in Mass Effect. So that is all for this guide. If you would like to know how to get peace between the peace outcome between Geth and Quarian, then so check out our guide on that too.