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How To Get The Peace Outcome Between Geth And Quarian In Mass Effect?

Follow these exact steps to bring peace between Geth and Quarian race in Mass Effect 2 and 3.

In Mass Effect, there will be a time where the burden of saving two entire races will be on your shoulder. You will want to be the hero and save both, the Quarian and the Geth. This will bring about peace between these two races. But, the path to peace is not an easy one. It is intricate and can go downhill pretty easily. So to help you make all the right decisions, we have written this article that has a step-by-step process to get the peace outcome between Quarian and Geth in Mass Effect.

How to get Peace Between Quarian and Geth in Mass Effect


The decisions that you will take to get the peace outcome between Quarians and Geths in both Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 work on a point system. Collect enough points to establish peace between the two races. Below we have given a breakdown of every decision that you can take and the points that you will earn off those decisions.

Decisions to Make in Mass Effect 2 to Get Peace Between Quarian and Geth

There are three major turning points in Mass Effect 3 that will affect the peace:


Tali’s Trial

Rally The Crowd

During Tali’s trial in Mass Effect 2, your goal is to make sure that Tali is not found guilty of treason. This is one of the biggest aspects that will decide whether you will get a peace outcome or not. There are three ways that you can go about it:


The first option is to rally the crowd during Tali’s trial. The rally will work if you have taken these two decisions previously: not given Vitor to Cerberus during the freedom progress mission and saved Karl Rieger during Tali’s recruitment mission. If these two are done, both Vitor and Karl will support you in the rally making it a success.

Alternatively, you can pass either a renegade or a paragon speech check at the trial. Just remember to get the highest score possible for your Sheperd which again, maybe a difficult one to achieve.

The last but the least favorable would be to present the evidence that Tali’s father committed the crimes. This will result in you losing her loyalty, however. Apart from that, saving her in the final fight of Mass Effect 2 will be a difficult task. We need her alive for Mass effect 3 and bringing about peace. So preferably do not choose this option as it will make the game unnecessarily difficult for you.


Choose to Rally over the other two options.

A House Divided Quest

Geth Quarian peace Mass Effect

During the A House Divided quest, you will have the option to either kill him or rewrite the Geth heretics. Here, you choose to destroy the Geth Heretics. If you chose to rewrite the heretics, you will still be able to achieve peace but that will be a long shot. You will have to then be precise about every other decision you make in the game which will be tedious. Along with that, the Geths will overpower Quarians during the final showdown which we would not want.

So choose to rewrite Geth heretics.

Tali and Legion Fight Cutscene

Geth Quarian peace Mass Effect

For the next step, there will be a cutscene where Tali and Legion will get into a fight and you will have to resolve that fight. The aim here is to resolve the fight without choosing aside. Again, use your paragon or renegade speech check to resolve this issue.

Do not take a side in the conflict.

Final Mission of Mass Effect 2

Save Tali And Legion

Lastly, during the final mission of the game, you will have to save both Tali and Legion. If either of them dies, there will be a high chance that you will not be able to make peace between the Geth and the Quarian races. They will however survive if you have their both’s loyalty again by the end of the game and you play the last mission properly.

Make sure Tali and Legion are both alive.

Decisions to Make in Mass Effect 3 to Get Peace Between Quarians and Geths

There will be a side mission that you will encounter where you will need to save Admiral Koris. His escape pod will crash on the planet and he will be accompanied by civilians. Here you need to save the Admiral instead of saving the crew. He will be one of your biggest keys in getting about peace between the races.

Another side mission that you will have to finish is to defeat the Geth Fire squadrons. This will help the Quarian race to land on Rannoch.

The Final Peace Outcome Between the Two Races

Here are all the points that you will score for the decisions that you choose:

Mass Effect 2

  • Exonerate Tali = +2 Points
  • Destroy Geth Heretics = +2 Points
  • Resolve Tali and Legion’s fight without taking a side = +1 Points
  • Tali and Legion both survive the final battle = +1 Point

Mass Effect 3

  • Save Admiral instead of civilians = +1 Point
  • Defeat the Geth squadron = +1 Point

Geth Quarian peace Mass Effect

Remember, there is a possibility that you will not get some of these points but all you need is 5 points which you can gain in any of these decisions. Once the reaper is defeated and the Geths are defenseless. This is when the Quarian admiral will decide to attack the Geth race. Legion will come to the rescue here and ask Shepard’s permission to upload the reaper code so that the Geth can protect themselves. Tali will come to the Quarian rescue asking the Skepart to not allow this or Geth will, in turn, destroy Quarians.

Here is when your 5 points will come in handy and Tally will actually convince Quarian Admiral to call off the attack. Along with that, you will also need a renegade or a paragon speech check to fully convince Quarians to call off the attack. If everything goes as planned, you will be able to achieve peace between Geth and Quarian before Priority Rannoch.

So that is all there is to it on how to get peace between Quarian and Geth in Mass Effect. If you would like to know the Pre-service history or how to jump cut scenes in the game, do check out our article on that too.