Sandy Shocks Weakness In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (Best Counters)

Looking forward to catching Sandy Shocks in Pokemon SV? Then before you do, don't forget to check out its weaknesses.

If you are struggling to catch Sandy Shocks in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, then you must know its weakness. As we all are familiar with, this is one of the Paradox Pokemon you’ll get to encounter in the game. And appears to be an ancient relative of the Magneton. As it does not evolve from any Pokemon, it seems you will have to go on a hunt to find it. If you’ve already encountered Sandy Shocks but are unable to get your hands on it, then we’ve got your back. Below we have mentioned all weaknesses and best counters for this Paradox Pokemon that you can take good advantage of.

What are Sandy Shocks’ Weakness & Counters in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

What are Sandy Shocks Weakness & Counters in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
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Sandy Shocks’ weakness is Water, Grass, Ground, & Ice attacks, which you can take advantage of in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. For those who are unaware, this Pokemon is an Electric & Ground type and doesn’t have that high Attack & Defence stats. Which makes it easier for you to take out Sandy Shocks with any of the mentioned attacks. However, before you do, don’t underestimate its Speed & Special Attack stats, which are higher than Magnemite & Magneton.

In this case, your best bet to counter Sandy Shocks will be Mudsdale, Iron Bundle, & Chien-Pao Pokemon. If you have the following Pokemon, then simply head to Research Station 2 in the Great Crater of Paldea and start battling this ancient Paradox. Before you do, don’t forget to take a look at its stats.

Sandy Shocks Stats

Here’s a list of Sandy Shocks stats which you should know before encountering it.

  • Health (HP): 85
  • Attack (Atk): 81
  • Special Attack (SpAtk): 121
  • Defence (Def): 97
  • Special Defence (SpDef): 85
  • Speed: 101
  • Total: 570

As you can see, this Paradox Pokemon has pretty low Defence & Special Defence stats that you can surely take advantage of. But again, make sure you don’t underestimate its Speed & Special Attacks stats.

This is all you need to know about the Sandy Shocks’ weakness & counters for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. If you are dicey about which Pokeball you should invest in, then check out the list of best Pokeball to buy & use in the game. Also, take a look at other Pokemon SV guides for more such tips & tricks.