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How To Get Sandy Beach Flooring in ACNH?

Beach, please.

Animal Crossing New Horizons boasts of a wide variety of interesting things you can add to your island. If you like being on the beach and want to add a beachy aesthetic to your home, you can get the sandy beach flooring. Not sure how to do that? Don’t worry, we will guide you through it in this article.

Sandy Beach Flooring – How To Get

There are two known ways to get sandy beach flooring in ACNH. The first way is to craft it. The DIY recipe for this can be found in a washed up bottle on the beach or in a floating balloon carrying a gift. You can even get this DIY recipe from a villager or a friend. Here’s the list of items you will need in order to craft it:

  • 1 sea snail
  • 1 Venus comb
  • 1 Sand Dollar
  • 1 Coral
  • 1 Giant Clam
  • 1 Cowrie

Once you grab all of these items, you can craft the Sandy Beach Flooring on a workbench. As soon as you craft it, your inventory will have this brand new beach flooring.

There’s one more way to get it but it is random. You can receive it as a gift from villagers. This totally depends on luck but you can increase your chances by communicating with them every day. So, if you want it this way, patience is key.

This is everything about getting Sandy Beach Flooring in ACNH. As of now, there is no option to purchase it from anywhere in the game. When you get it, though, you can also craft the Starry-Sands Flooring which requires 1 Sandy Beach Flooring and 3 Summer Shells. We have a guide on how to get summer shells that will be useful in this case.

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