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How To Get Sand Flux In New World And What Are Its Uses?

Here is a guide on getting Sand Flux in New World.

Sand Flux in New World is a very useful item to have. It comes in handy for tasks like Smelting Ores or Trading. In Smelting, Sand Flux is used for refining many ores in the game. So, today I will explain to you how you can get Sand Flux in New World.

How To Get Sand Flux In New World


sand flux

Sand Flux is not a craftable item. So, you will have to find it from other sources. Sand Flux can be obtained from a variety of Chests types. The types being the Ancient Coffer, Ancient Urn, Elite Ancient, Elite Supply, Iron Supply Carts, Supply Crate, and Supply Stockpile. These Chests are available through the Land of Aeternum. These are a good source to get a bountiful amount of Sand Flux. Although this method takes time as you will have to travel various locations if you a bulk amount of it.

Another way you can obtain Sand Flux in New World is by Trading through the Trading Posts. This method could end up being expensive as the prices for Sand Flux will be at the mercy of the people making the trades. Plus the added Tax will make you broke in no time. Although this next step may save you time and money. What has to do is go to your Faction shop and find an item called a Common Material Converter. This will come under the Second Tier of your Faction’s Armory. The Common Material Converter will cost you 100 Faction Tokens, this is pretty cheap in the grand scheme of things. You can get more Tokens by completing PVP missions in your Faction. Now With the Common Material Converter, you can covert a certain item into Sand Flux.


Converting into Sand Flux from other Items

Now that you got the Common Material Converter, go to your crafting station of choice and look for Refining Material Conversion Section. You will find the option of Converting to 15 Sand Flux, click on it and it will open up an interface for conversion. It will ask you to choose a certain item to convert from, this is where things get interesting. When going to select an option, four options will be displayed. Here you can check if any of the four are being sold for cheap, say like a Weak Solvent. Stockpile that item and just go ham on the conversion. Essentially what you have done is made a profit from this conversion.

What are the uses of Sand Flux?


Sand Flux is used as an ingredient to smelt Ores to make Steel, Starmetal, and Orichalcum Ingots as well precious metals like Gold & Platinum Ingots. To create the Legendary Metal, Asmodeum Ingot, you need Orichalcum Ingots which in turn needs Sand Flux. Also, Orichalcum Ingot needs Starmetal Ingots which again needs Sand Flux. And another thing, to make Starmetal Ingot you will need Steel Ingots which again needs Sand Flux. So basically you need tons of Sand Flux to get anything done in Smelting in New World. So to make it easy for you, distribute your time into foraging Sand Flux and Trading for it. Either route you choose, you will encounter a bottle-neck so doing a little of everything will make sure you will have everything you need. Keep an eye on the trades in the Trading Post. Finding the cheapest deals will make your Material Conversions very worthwhile.

This was all about Sand Flux in New World. Hopefully, this guide has helped you get a lot of Sand Flux because you are going to need it. You can also check our other guides on getting Nutmeg and an Engineering Leveling Guide in New World.