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Saints Row 3 Remastered Co-op Not Working (2022)

Is Saints Row 3 Remastered Multiplayer Co-op not working? Check out if there's a fix for this problem.

Trying to play Saints Row 3 Remastered but co-op is not working? If you and your friends are facing this issue and wondering how to fix it, we’ve mentioned some potential fixes in this guide. This problem is being mentioned much more now that the game is free on Epic Games Store (until 9/2/2021). Due to this, a lot of players are trying out the game with friends or siblings but the multiplayer is bugged. Let’s see what is known about this issue and if there’s a solution available.

Saints Row 3 Remastered Co-op Not Working (Epic)

Saints Row 3 Remastered Multiplayer Co-op Not Working

Players are posting on Reddit that even after restarting their PC as well as router and launching the game, they are not able to join friends and play. Both of them have the game via Epic Games Store. What’s happening is that after sending an invite, the other friend would accept it. But then a message of “waiting for host to accept connection” comes up but it doesn’t go further from there. No prompts or notifications and possibly an unable to join.

Here’s what players are posting about this SR3 Co-op not working issue online:

Saints Row the 3rd remaster Co-Op not working? from SaintsRow

Some users have claimed that using a VPN will fix the issue but it may or may not work for you. Another suggestion is to verify your game files and some have tried to relaunch games and try again, but to no avail.

There is a workaround posted on Reddit that you can try out:

HOW TO GET EPIC GAMES: SR 3 remastered COOP working!! from SaintsRow

If even this does not work for you, all you can do is wait until the developers address this issue or provide a fix for it. Do keep an eye on the official twitter account of @SaintsRow or @EpicGames to see if the developers/platform announce anything regarding this.

So, that’s everything known about the Saints Row 3 Remastered Co-op not working issue. Hopefully, the problem is fixed and players can experience the multiplayer mode more seamlessly.