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Saint Seiya Legend of Justice Tier List & Reroll Guide

Looking for the best characters? Here's our tier list and reroll guide for the best characters in Saint Seiya Legend of Justice.

Saint Seiya Legend of Justice is an Android mobile RPG game that revolves around the iconic manga series. With its recent release, players need to gather the best characters to build their team for this gacha game. But choosing these characters not only includes strong or buffed characters but also several other factors. You need to pick a team with the right elemental and class type. So, here’s our tier list and reroll guide for the best characters in Saint Seiya Legend of Justice.

Best Characters Tier List & Reroll Guide in Saint Seiya Legend of Justice

There’s a wide range of characters to choose from in Saint Seiya Legends of Justice. We have compiled the best characters and placed them in different tiers. These characters are placed according to their attack rates, critical strike rate, and abilities.

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Best Characters Tier List Ranked From Best to Worst

Mentioned below are the best characters ranked from best to worst:

Characters Tiers
Airoros S
Shaka S
Evil Saga S
Argethi A
Athena A
Aphrodite A
Deathmask A
Aioria A
Moses A
Doko A
Aldebaran B
Camus B
Shura B
Dante B
Sirius B
Misty B
Miro B
Ptolemy B
Shaina B
Argol C
Dio C
Mephisto C
Marine C
Crow Jamian C
Cerberus C
Babel C
Dragon Shiryu D
Ikki D
Andromeda Noir D
Nachi D
Shun D
Hyoga D
Geki D

The characters placed in the S tier are the best characters to pick. But obtaining these characters can be tricky as you begin with the game. As you start the game, we suggest looking for the characters in A or B tiers for early games. Although there is a greater chance of getting characters in the C or D tiers faster. While the characters in a C tier can offer some support to your team, obtaining characters from the D tier is useless.

saint seiya legend of justice tier list reroll

How to Reroll in Saint Seiya Legend of Justice

  • Now, the best way to get the most pulls or tries is by completing the chapter 1 tutorial.
  • First, you need to complete the tutorial which will reward you with 1 Summon or a free try.
  • As you progress and complete the first chapter, you will receive 10 Summons or free tries as a reward. The tutorial will direct you to the home screen.
  • Then, head to the observatory to use these free tries or summons with the summoned stones.
  • You get 10 Summoned stones as a reward when you begin the game.
  • If you have some diamonds, you can spend them on the banner. You can check the mail to collect the diamonds.
  • The drop rate for the 5-star characters is very low compared to 2 or 3-starred characters.
  • If you didn’t get any 5-star characters, you can also reset the game.
  • All you need to do is head to its App Info and select the Clear Data option.
  • This will reset your game allowing you to start from scratch.

That’s everything covered about the best characters tier list and reroll guide in Saint Seiya Legend of Justice. If you liked this guide, check out our other Mobile Gaming Guides and Tier Lists right here on Gamer Tweak.