How To Get Sailor Fist In Arcane Odyssey

Harness the power of seawater with this guide on how to get Sailor Fist in Arcane Odyssey.

After much hype and anticipation, players can finally play Arcane Odyssey. The game is home to a vast world where kingdoms fight for control over powerful artifacts called Sea Curses. Players get the chance to make their mark in the War Seas through magic or use the different fight styles and weapons at their disposal. One of these fight styles is Sailor Fist and here is a quick guide to help you get it in Arcane Odyssey.

How to Get Sailor Fist in Arcane Odyssey

how to get sailor fist in arcane odyssey
Inspired by the real-life style of Drunken boxing, Sailor Fist is one of the 6 common fighting styles you can learn in the game. Players must use seawater to gain the energy needed to use Sailor Fist. Down below are the steps need to unlock Sailor Fist.

  • Make your way to Shell Island in the western region of the Bronze sea
  • Go to the top of the island and meet Caria the Sailor Style Mentor
  • She’ll task you with killing three shanks, complete this to unlock Sailor Fist.

It should be noted that players will require 100 in strength to be able to learn Sailor Fist. Once you complete all the requirements you can now use Sailor Fist whenever you need it. Sailor Fist is best used when you are close to the sea as you use the energy of seawater to power your moves. Players can also collect seawater in bottles that they can drink from in an emergency. Sailor Fist lets the player unleash a flurry of water-based attacks. These attacks also put the enemies in soaked status, leaving them vulnerable to other attacks like lighting.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Sailor Fist in Arcane Odyssey. Check out our Arcane Odyssey Rare Weapons guide and other Arcane Odyssey guides here on Gamer Tweak.