Roblox Arcane Odyssey Weapons Guide: How To Unlock Rare Weapons

Check out how to unlock rare weapons in Roblox Arcane Odyssey.

Roblox Arcane Odyssey has a plethora of arms and rare weapons and players are wondering how to unlock them. If you too are one of them then you’re at the right place. In this action RPG, you’ll face many fierce enemies. So having strong weapons in your arsenal is a must. Now among them, there are a few rare weapons with special abilities and higher stats. In this guide, we will tell you how to unlock them and the best weapon.

Arcane Odyssey All Rare Weapons and How to Unlock Them

Noble Thunderspear in Arcane Odyssey
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As we mentioned, the rare weapons in Arcane Odyssey have unique abilities, passives, and skills. Here are all the rare weapons and how to unlock them.


To unlock Vindicator, you’ll have to loot ships and open Bronze Sealed Chests. Alternatively, you can also get this weapon by opening floating wooden boxes in the sea. This weapon has massive base damage. Moreover, it is also one of the fastest heavy weapons in the game.

Noble Thunderspear

To get the Noble Thunderspear, you’ll have to beat Lord Elius, Agent of the Order. Once you beat him, there is a 20% chance that he’ll drop the Noble Thunderspear. This spear is fast and you can throw it to pierce your enemies.


The Stormcaller is a bow that you can use to rain down a shower of arrows on your enemy. Similar to the previous weapon, you’ll have to beat Lord Elius to get this weapon.

Scimitars of Storm

The Scimitars of Storm are dual-wielded swords that you can unlock by beating Lord Elius. Similar to the last two weapons, there is only a 20% chance of getting them.

Sunken Sword

To get the Sunken Sword, you’ll have to go fishing. There is only a 1 in 2,000 chance of getting this weapon. However, if you catch 3,000 fish, you are guaranteed this weapon on your next try. This sword is a water-based weapon and can cause the Soaked status effect.

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Poison Tooth Dagger

The Poison Tooth Dagger is the only rare dagger weapon in Arcane Odyssey, and you can get it by beating Poison Jaws Sea Monster. However, keep in mind that there is only a 20% chance of getting this drop.

Triasta of Bronze

The Triasta of Bronze is a trident made of Arcanian-Brozne alloy. To get this weapon, you’ll have to beat King Calvus IV.

Which is the Best Weapon in Arcane Odyssey

Best Weapon in Arcane Odyssey

According to us, the Triasta of Bronze is the best weapon in Arcane Odyssey. With this weapon, you can perform the following attacks:

  • Swing
  • Ethereal Flash
  • Impaling Strike
  • Sparrow Thrust
  • Surging Wind
  • Ultimate Art: Rising Fury

To unlock these attacks, you’ll have to reach certain Weapons Levels. Since the game is in the early access phase, not all attacks are available at the moment.

That completes our guide on how to unlock Rare Weapons and the Best Weapon in Roblox Arcane Odyssey. For more such content like How to Find Order Members, make sure you visit our Arcane Odyssey section.