Where To Activate Rykards Great Rune In Elden Ring

Here's our guide on where to activate Rykard's Great rune in Elden Ring.

Great Runes are one of the major items dropped by certain bosses in Elden Ring. There are seven Runes and each of them offers passive buffs and bonuses. But these items cannot be used right away. You need to head over to their respective Divine Towers to restore their locked power. Speaking of Great Runes, you do not want to miss Rykard’s Great Rune. Once you have equipped it, it restores your health upon killing your enemies. But where to find its tower? Here’s our guide on where to activate the Rykards Great Rune in Elden Ring.

Where to Activate the Rykards Great Rune in Elden Ring

You can activate the Rykard’s Great rune by restoring its power at the Divine Tower of West Altus. But finding this location can be a bit tricky.

Follow the mentioned below steps to reach there:

  • Once you have defeated Rykard at Mount Gelmir, head over to the outskirts of Lyndell Royal Capital.
  • Traverse in the southeastern direction towards the Sealed Tunnel. As you go ahead, keep an eye on the right.
  • Once you see a way, head inside a narrow alleyway to the right.
how to activate rykards great rune
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  • As you enter the tunnel, you will notice a Site of Grace. You can rest over there to save your location.
  • Then, head straight and jump over a pile of things blocking the route. There are several fake walls, enemies, and field bosses in this area.
  • As you go further, an escalator will take you downwards.
  • Head straight and pass through the trunk of a giant tree.
  • Then, drop downwards and head straight again.
  • You will come across several giant trunks leading you downwards. Jump on these trunks and get on the ground.
  • As you proceed, you will encounter Onyx Lord which is a field boss. We suggest defeating this boss as it drops 16000 Runes and an Onyx Lord’s Greatsword.
elden ring activate rykards great rune
Image Source – HarryNinetyFour on YouTube.
  • Once you have defeated him, go straight to reach the Divine Tower of Altus.
  • Head to the top of the tower to restore the power of Rykard’s Great Rune.
  • Now that you have restored its power, make sure to use a Rune Arc to activate its power.

That’s all on where to activate the Rykards Great Rune in Elden Ring. If you liked this guide, check out our other guides on what the Mohg’s Great Rune do, what to do with Great runes, and how to equip Great Runes in Elden Ring right here on Gamer Tweak.