Rust Server & Admin Commands 2022

Searching for Rust server and admin commands? Read this article to find all these commands.

If you are looking for server and admin commands in Rust, then this article is for you. You can use these commands to take control of several variables in the game that were earlier unavailable. This gives you the ability to tweak some of the game’s settings according to your own liking.

Rust Server Commands

all server admin commands rust

Check out all the server commands in Rust below. In these commands, 1 stands for true & 0 stands for false:

fps.limit -1 Use this command to set a high or low FPS
kill Use this command to start a game from all over again. The command has a 60 second cooldown
client.connect ip:port Use this command to see a server that you want to play on the master server list
streamermode 0/1 Use this command to enter stream mode in Rust.
bind q forward;sprint Use this command to sprint automatically without having to press the shift and W keys.
bind m attack;duck Use this command to combine the attack and crouch action.
perf Use this command to find out stats about your PC. “perf1” displays only FPS. “perf2” displays FPS and RAM usage.
censornudity true/false Use this command to enable or disable the nudity censor in Rust.

Admin Commands

Check out all the admin commands in Rust in this list.

ban Use this command to carry out a kick ban. This will be broadcast to the whole server.
status Use this command to display a partial list of connected clients. Info like ping, ip & steamid will be displayed
say “I am server console” Use this command to speak as the SERVER.
teleport “playername” Use this command to execute a teleportation. You can either type a partial or full name.
noclip Use this command to switch the noclip between on and off.
weather.fog Use this command to change the chance of fog in the game. A value of 0.30% will set fog chance to 30%.
teleportany [entity] Use this command to teleport to the entity of your choice.
server.globalchat 0 Use this command to set your text chat to local. The default value is 1.
weather.rain Use this command to change the chance of rain in the game. This command is similar is similar to weather.fog
env.time 0 – 24 Use this command to change the server time. For example, 6 is Dawn, 12 is Noon, 18 is Dusk and so on.
moderatorid STEAMID Use this command to give anybody the access to admin commands.
server.writecfg Use this command to force the server to write all of the moderator id’s/bans that have been set to the config files.
banid STEAMID Use this command to ban a player who has been given their SteamID.
inventory.give ITEM AMOUNT Use this command to give yourself any item of your choice. You can use it to spawn large amounts of resources.
debugcamera Use this command to shift the camera away from yourself or anybody you are spectating on to look around.


These were the Rust server and admin commands. You can use these to take better control of the game and play according to your choices and preferences.

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