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How To Download & Play Rust Console Public Test Branch?

Read this guide to learn how you can install and play Rust Console Public Test Branch.

The Rust Console Public Test Branch allows you to be able to test and experience content that was previously unreleased for consoles. This is a great move, considering how the PC servers have been present for several years. If you are one of the many excited players who want to learn all about the test branch and how to install it, we’ve got you covered in this guide. We will also walk you through what’s new with the test branch, and the possible upgrades that may come soon.


How to Download & Play Rust Console Public Test Branch?


In order to download the Rust Console Public Test Branch, you will first need to be the owner of either the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition of Rust Console Edition. Additionally, you will need to make sure you buy this edition of the game before the 14th of October.

For Playstation, you will need to log in with your Playstation Network (PSN) ID either on your console or on your browser. Once you do so, you will need to open up the PS Store. Here, search for Rust Console Edition – Public Test Branch, and download it.


For Xbox, if you already have the pre-order beta console edition of Rust, you will notice that the Public Test Branch version of the game will replace the original on the 14th of October. If you do not have the Beta edition, however, you will not be eligible to play the Public Test Branch, so you need to keep this in mind if you wish to play the new test version.

Now that we know how to install this game, let us check out all the new stuff that comes with it.


Rust Console Edition Public Test Branch: What’s New?

Tech Tree

The Tech Tree finally makes its long-awaited debut in the console edition of the game. In this tree, each level of your workbench features its own tech tree. This tree consists of every item within its tech level. With this new system, you will be able to view all of the items on the tree, with the ability to unlock these items in a linear manner. When doing so, you will be able to select paths as well as specialize.

Different Server Configurations

The Public Test Branch will also arrive with new server types. The intention behind these server types is to create testing scenarios in modes such as PvE. The servers will be used to test bigger map sizes.



In the new test branch, you will be able to convey expressions better with the help of gestures. In order to get to these gestures, you will need to access a popup menu when playing the game.

Aim Assist & Different Gun Handling

This version of Rust will also offer you a new configuration for aim assisting. You will be able to test this feature when playing the game, along with other settings for gun handling.

Additional Changes

  • Recoil Tweaks
  • Blood Censorship Mode
  • Road Side Substation Radiation Removal
  • Improvements to Trees
  • Changes in the Audio

This is all you need to know about the new Rust Console Edition Public Test Branch. As you can see, this particular version of the game brings some much-needed updates that were previously missing in the console editions. Additionally, the ability to test out some of these new features, coupled with the ability to share feedback makes this version very appealable. Just make sure to own the Deluxe or Ultimate edition of the game before the 14th of October, and you should be great to go!

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