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Rust Console Edition Cross Platform Compatibility Available For PS4, Xbox One, PC?

Here's what you need to know if the Cross Platform feature allows console players to play with PC players or not.

Will Rust Console Edition have crossplay? Many players are wondering if this multiplayer game will have cross platform compatibility with PC/Steam players. If your friends have the PC version and you are planning to play with them when you get the console edition, here’s what you need to know.

Rust Console Edition Crossplay Available with PC (Steam)?


Players on PC will not be able to play cross platform with Rust Console Edition players. But players with consoles can play with each other because crossplay between PS4 and Xbox One is confirmed by the developers. So, in case you have friends who have consoles and want to play Rust together, it will be possible. Your friend with PC will only be able to play with other PC players as of now.

Rust Console Edition cross platform pc consoles

It is a bummer that there is no full crossplay available across all platforms. But we hope it is in the works right now. Rust is a hugely popular game which will get a significant boost if PC and console players are added to the mix. There are pros and cons to this though. Some Reddit users say that it won’t be fair to pit keyboard + mouse players against those with controllers. Whereas some say that there could be hackers using the PC version which could give them an unfair advantage over the others.


Another thing that is different is that there is a separate roadmap planned for Rust Console Edition. This could be an crucial reason why Rust Console Edition won’t have cross play with PC. The developers hope to create a community of console players who are similarly invested in the game like PC players. We will be covering tips and tricks for this game on Gamer Tweak so stay tuned!

That’s everything about Rust Console Edition cross platform feature. If you already play Rust on PC, don’t forget to head over to our Rust Guides.