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How To Find The Runaway Son In Nier Replicant?

Trying to find the rebel Runaway Son in Nier Replicant? We will snitch on him and give you his location.

An old man finding his lost son asking for help. You want to help. But you are lost. Let us help you help him. The Runaway Son is a side quest in Nier Replicant. You need to talk to the old man in the Southern Plains across the weapon shop and he shall give you this sub-quest. Now there are very few clues to find him, precisely two. One is a note from the Runaway Son saying that he was leaving and not to look for him, and two his identity given by the old man. That is just the information that he wears an odd hat that can be seen from a mile away. Not much to start with. But, follow the below-mentioned instructions to find the Runaway Son in Nier Replicant.

Where to Find the Runaway Son Location in Nier Replicant?


The Runaway Son Location

The Runaway Son is found standing under a tree in the docks area of the Seafront location. As you go south of the Seafront location, you will find a small village. Head to the east side of this village where you will find the docs area. Just before you approach the docks, you will spot him standing under a tree. He does indeed wear a strange conical hat and speaks the cool boy lingo. Once you find him, interact with him and you will find out that this was just the first phase of the quest. He will give you another side quest to get him home which you will have to compete.

No giving any spoilers out, we suggest you take up this quest and complete it as it has some interesting twists and turns. So that is all about our guide on the Runaway Son location. If you would like to know the Royal Fern location, do check out our guide on Nier Replicant: Where to Find Royal Fern?