How To Get And Equip Artifacts In Rocket Arena

Artifacts in Rocket Arena unlocks boosts and bonuses, so here is article where we discuss Rocket Arena Artifacts locations and how to use them.

Artifacts in Rocket Arena not only allow you to have a different loadout of sorts but you can also get different boosts and bonuses depending on them if you are wondering about how to get and equip them in Rocket Arena, make sure that you read the rest of the guide.

How To Get And Equip Artifacts In Rocket Arena

Artifacts are essential in Rocket Arena and though you will only get to use your character’s abilities, combining them with what the artifacts offer can really change up your game.

Having a unique build in Rocket Arena will certainly be immensely helpful and will make your chances of winning even better. Each player gets three slots to select and equip artifacts knowing which artifact compliments with what character makes the build even better.

Mixing and matching to find the best combination will certainly keep you busy in Rocket Arena, as each different artifact will open up new avenues for you to experiment with.

  1. To earn artifacts in Rocket Arena, you will have to play the game, the more time you spend in the game the more chances you have of getting your hands on these elusive items.
  2. The more rounds you play, the closer you get to unlocking artifacts, so it is essential that you put your time in the grind because the pay off is worth it.
  3. After you have gotten yourself a few artifacts, you will need to head to the competitor’s section which can be found on the main menu. Here you will see a list of characters and you can select which artifact you would like to equip to any character that you have.
  4. Social and Ranked matches are different so make sure that you select the appropriate artifacts for each match, the better your character build is the more chances you will have of winning.

You can have each character with a particular loadout build with Artifacts, these things are really game-changers in Rocket Arena and you’ve got to get your hands on them.

This is all there is to know about Artifacts in Rocket Arena, make sure to check out how to unlock crossplay in Rocket Arena too.