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Rocket Arena Character Guide – All Characters, Abilities and Specails

There are total 10 characters in Rocket Arena, here is a guide on their abilities and special that will help you to choose the best one.

Rocket Arena a 3vs3 shooter game features ten-character each with their unique abilities and specials. The rule of the game is to become champions. The objective is to master unique rockets and abilities that will let you grab the crown of victory. With a ton of action, the game also demands strategy and it begins from selecting the best character in Rocket Arena. This guide will help you to learn about every character, what are the best abilities and special powers. Based on that data you can analyze and pick the best one that suits your play-style, or if you are looking forward to switching your existing hero then keep reading.

Rocket Arena Character Guide

With 10 characters it is a long list and above you can find an index that will help you to jump directly on the character details. Each character has three abilities, Primary, Secondary, and Special.

1. Amphora – Speed & Damage

Rocket Legends

Want to be fast without compromising the damage then go with Amphora. She features three abilities that focus on speed and causing max possible damage to the opponents. Here are abilities and what they do.

  1. Primary Ability: Charged Torpedo is the primary ability that allows you to hold to charge for more speed and damage.
  2. Secondary Ability: Hydro Foam ability will let you turn into a pool of water. Whenever opponents run over it reactive to turn into a water cyclone and throw the enemy high in the sky.
  3. Special Ability: Shoot three bouncing and homing miles on  your enemies.

2. Blastbeard – Hard Hitting & Defensive

Rocket Legends Blastbeard

Blackbeard uses heavy weapons and can shoot cannonballs. These have high impact but can be slow sometimes. Also, his charged anchor ability can fire a hard-hitting anchor rocket. A lot of precision is required while using Blastbeard if you miss the shot you lose.

  1. Primary Ability: Can shoot Rocket Cannonball for arcing and high impact.
  2. Secondary Ability: Charged Anchor ability can charge and fire hard hitting anchor rocket.
  3. Special Ability: Shockwave, special ability that can knock down everyone in the range including incoming rockets.

3. Boone – Master of Long Range Combat

Rocket Legends Boone

Boone is an ideal candidate if you need space. His abilities are powered up by attacking opponents from distance. For example sniper rockets. Yes, he can shoot sniper rockets to precisely target one enemy.

  1. Primary Ability: Blunderblast, ability that can shoot down short-range cluster shot.
  2. Secondary Ability: Megadon Scape, the sniper rocket power.
  3. Special Ability: Zik’s Vortext, special ability that can fire a wind vortex, it can push opponent with high force but also pushes Boone backwards.

4. Izell – Master of Close Range Combat

Rocket Legends Izell

Best for players who love to charge on aggressive mode. She has all the powers to take down opponents from close range. Her abilities power her with speed and short-range fire power.

  1. Primary Ability: Spear Rockets, a quick short range firing power.
  2. Secondary Ability: Bola Snare, use this power to pull a opponent towards you. Next Spear rocket will target the snared opponent with more damage.
  3. Special Ability: Jaaqua Charge, she can hold aim before lunging with full speed forward.

5. Jayto – Highly Offensive & Highly Mobile

Rocket Legends Jayto

Considering Amphora’s power to an extent she is is all about speed and damage. But if you want a male counterpart then checkout Jayto. These heroes bring high mobility and offensive power on the battleground.

  1. Primary Ability: Skypiercer Rockets, are fast and accurate projectiles.
  2. Secondary Ability: Rocket Swarm is the second ability that can shoot swarms of mini-rockets on the target.
  3. Special Ability: Thruster Suit is an special power that temporary increase the speed of hero and Skypiercer rockets.

6. Mysteen – Magic & Shield

Rocket Legends Mysteen

Find weapons boring then there is some magic. Mysteen comes with abilities to conjure shield and her clones on the battle ground. A perfect illusionist in the war.

  1. Primary Ability: Card Rocket, get accurate shot and every third consecutive attack fire a 3 round burst.
  2. Secondary Ability: Mirror Shield, summon a shield that blocking incoming rockets..
  3. Special Ability: Phantasm, all a Mysteen clone on the ground, reactivate to swap spaces.

7. Plink – Hit & Run Guy

Plink Legends Mysteen

Plink is a boy, yes the name will confuse you but he is the perfect hit and run boy in the game. He is a perfect hero to attack from the backside of enemies, due to his teleportation gadget.

  1. Primary Ability: Scrap Rocket, shoots short ranged and rapid fire homing rocket.
  2. Secondary Ability: Boomerang, ricochets off walls before returning.
  3. Special Ability: Skedaddle Ball, a teleporter gadget that can be thrown and activated to any location. It also damage nearby opponents.

8. Plink – An Ideal Supporter

Rocket Legends Kayi

Kayi comes with super marksmanship, she uses a precise bolt to shoot down a target at a far distance. She can deploy a Snow Globe that will slow down any incoming rockets. Giving other team members support to dodge them.

  1. Primary Ability: Charged Bolt, she can shoot precise bolts. Charge to shoot faster and farther.
  2. Secondary Ability: Snow Globe, summon a globe that slows down rockets. You can use Charged Bolt attack by staying inside the globe to hit farther.
  3. Special Ability: Grapple Hook, hang to nearby surface or shoot grapple to attack enemies.

9. Rev – Extreme Mobility & Excellent Offensive

Rocket Legends Rev

Rev rides the chaos, she can reach her opponents at high speed on her hoverboard. This makes her different, her ability consists of firing explosives, mines, and hit with a board.

  1. Primary Ability: Double Whammy, an primary ability that allows Rev to shoot Rapid Fire explosive projectiles between the weapons twin barrels.
  2. Secondary Ability: Mag Mines, the second ability that can shoot lob mines that attach to any surface or enemy.
  3. Special Ability: Activate shatter-board fight, you can kick opponents using the board.

10. Topnotch – Excellent Long Range Bombardment

Rocket Legends Topnotch

Want to fly, then here is your hero. Topnotch brings airship attacks on the grounds. He can use his rocket to fly high and drop explosives on opponents heads.

  1. Primary Ability: Bouncing Beauty, ability that lets you to shoot Bouncing Grenade. You can delay its detonation.
  2. Secondary Ability: Artillery Salute, call down a cascadding artillery line.
  3. Special Ability: Zephyr Strike, a ability that lock-on and initiate giant rocket strike.

So there all the heroes from Rocket Legends, their abilities and special powers.